feature request: schedule night sound on and off

  • 21 October 2022
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I see others have requested this several times.  Support says they sent it to the development team for consideration but no real reply on the status or if a consideration has even been discussed. I see you can do this via voice but not with ease for some users.  


The problem is I turn on night sound and then forget that it's on for months reducing the quality of sound and my experience.  It would be great if you could schedule during the week Monday through Friday at one time and on the weekends for family movie time at a different time.  Simple feature like this would not only improve the entire family's experience but also improve quality of sleep for some.  



6 replies

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Agree. This has been a frequent request over the years without any sign of it being delivered.  But rarely does Sonos comment on future app enhancements. Fingers crossed it will arrive some day. 

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People have been requesting this very basic feature for years! Come in Sonos! Put it in a software update!!!

Yes +1 from me for this feature too. It has been asked for numerous times,  but just to also add, for iOS users, there are third-party Apps that can do this already, as mentioned in other threads on this same topic.

if you are using iOS look up the App Soro.

100% agree. This is a daily point of friction for me and it seems like a relatively easy feature to add. Let’s get after it!

Was about to request again when I came across this existing one. As a father of two young boys, I routinely need to toggle night sound on at a regular time each evening and routinely forget to turn it off the next morning. Really need to be able to schedule night sound. Parents with young kids will thank you!