New Google Assistant SiriusXM integration not supported?

  • 7 November 2019
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Google just released native support for SiriusXM via the Home app.  It is listed as a “radio” service.  I can use voice commands to start and stop stations just fine on the actual google home products (Hub, mini’s etc), however when I attempt to target my Sonos system for playback I am told by Google Assistant that the device is not supported.  For example, I say to my Home Hub “Sonos Kitchen play Phish Radio on SiriusXM”.  Google Assistant recognizes the command as valid with something like “OK playing Phish Radio on SiriusXM on Kitchen” ; immediately followed by “Sorry kitchen is not supported at this time”.  Is this a bug or functionality that is not yet built?  Please note that I am logged into the same SiriusXM account on both my Sonos system and the Google Home system.

85 replies

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same issue here as well

Yep - I guess Google hasn't updated Assistant yet to reflect SiriusXM's recent Sonos integration

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Any update on this?  When will we be able to stream SiriusXM on Sonos One via Google Assistant?  It works fine on Google Home, why not Sonos One?

I am hav ing the same problem.  Just bought the Sonos today thinking the integration with google would be so nice on a great speaker.  Disappointing I can use it the way I want to.

What’s the deal - Just switched to Google assistant from Alexa and Google keeps telling me Sirius not supported. This needs to be fixed ASAP or I’m sending back all of my Google mini’s.  

Same problem here. It acts like it is going to play and at the last second it says not supported.

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Plus 1.


I just spent ridiculous amount of time on the phone with GOOGLE HOME SUPPORT. They donèt have a clue about this. Be nice if it was fixed. Works great on Alexa. Might have to switch back :(.



another Sonos failure

I’m experiencing the same problem and I see this issue is a month old. I’m new to Sonos. Do they respond to these threads???

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Hi folks,


Currently SiriusXM isn’t one of the music services you can use Google Assistant on Sonos with for voice control. You can take a look at this page for the supported services. 


While I can’t comment on possible future releases, I’ll be happy to add the voices here to a feature request to add SiriusXM voice support to Google Assistant on Sonos. 

Adding my voice here to add SXM integration thru Google Assistant!!

This is truly unfortunate. As a family we are ditching Amazon in its entirety. Since Siri can sometimes be a little unreliable despite a house full of apple products and doesn’t have a wide range of products to control integrations, Alexa had filled in that gap. I was hoping that google would have the same or more feature function. I guess manual control of my Sonos system it is. Hopefully Sonos picks up the pace with these updates, before someone else in the market swoops in and starts taking their business. It’s already frustrating that the airplay 2 functionality doesn’t work well. Add this to the list I guess. 


Chiming in mainly so I get updated if it changes, but if Alexa can do it, Google needs to make it happen too, because I use Google Assistant for everything, so not being able to do so with Sonos seems silly. 

Yea, want to add my voice to this complaint.

Same issue, go through the entire process to command SerusXM to play on Sonos speakers. Command is accepted only then to be told SerusXM is not supported by the requested Sonos speaker. 

yet have my SerusXM account linked to both Sonos and Google Assistant both work with SerusXM through their own app and equipment but no voice command works from Google assistant to Sonos speakers…

yet I can control Sonos from assistant for things like volume or stoping play on Sonos. 

come on Sonos, get your act together and fix this. Partial integration is useless integration. 

Adding to this thread as well. PLEASE update and fix.

I just switched from Alexa to Google Home Nest and just assumed Sirius, Sonos, and Google Home Nest worked together like Alexa. They all state they work with each other, which is weird they don’t. Maybe just not all at once...but then what’s the point. Thanks! 

Adding to this thread for further visibility. Didn’t realize Sonos was this far behind in terms of updates and integration. Extremely disappointing considering I went with their suite of products for this support. Might be returning the Beam 5.1 system and ones that I purchased if this continues.  

Adding my name in the hat here, this is incredibly disappointing.

purchased the new Sonos One for my parents, specifically for the Google Assistant feature, to replace their crappy google speaker and it’s a bust since they can’t operate the same way.

I will add my name also. SiriusXM works fine with Google Assistant via iPad playing on iPad but will not work via Sonos Google Assistant. Same as others above. 

One more voice!  This is particularly galling, since I only added the SiriusXM streaming service to my SiriusXM subscription (which includes 3 radios) for Google Assistant support on Sonos. 


Any update on this, Jeff S?  Can't be very difficult given that it already works with Alexa  

I’m adding my voice to this thread to request SONOS fix the Sirius XM integration to stream using the voice command from Google Assistant. Please fix this ASAP!

Very disappointing

Beyond DisAppointing 

This isnt rocket science or brain surgery. 

If engineers can't respond to this within 24 hours,  get new engineers,  or lose loyal customers

Same issue here.

The integration between Alexa, SiriusXM, and Sonos works fine. However, I am having the same problem experienced and reported by others on this ticket with Google Assistant, SiriusXM, and Sonos. 


Was about to buy a pair of sonos when i found this - will look elsewhere as I don’t intend to move to alexa and need my siriusxm.