New Google Assistant SiriusXM integration not supported?

  • 7 November 2019
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I would like to weigh in here as well!

I have been a SONOS user since it was first introduced some 20+ years ago; still have 3 or 4 CR-100 controllers on a shelf!

I have a fairly extensive and just upgraded SONOS system because of the S1 --> S2 transition and did not want the aggravation of managing / navigating two systems.

I am disappointed that in all the engineering work that must have been done over the last 2+ years with all the G2 products that have been released that this has not been fixed.

As others have asked, please JUMP ON THIS AND GET IT FIXED!

Thanks in advance!


PS. It is very confusing that a SONOS -- a company that prides itself on its music service integration -- has let this fall between the cracks.  The proposed workaround -- start Sirius on your phone and then use GA to control Sonos -- defeats the very purpose of voice assistance!

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Hi @Joelc, thanks for reaching out with the Sonos Community and for bringing that up. We understand where you are coming from and I don't have any details as to if it'll happen or have exact timing to share at this point, but I'll make sure the team knows people are asking and will update this thread when we do. 

Just let us know if you need anything. We and the community are always here to help.

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Hi @Krishma M , thanks for the response.

While your response is not encouraging -- not even a commitment to fixing this let alone a timing estimate -- it is good to know that SONOS is, at the very least, monitoring this forum.





This needs addressed immediately, having integration with the standard voice assistants is paramount to usability. First time Sonos owner noting a major fail in integration....


I’m really disappointed that this doesn’t work. I’m also really discouraged seeing how long this thread has been around and there doesn’t seem to have been any progress on a fix.

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Hi folks, thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community, @Coopz15. I understand that we all want this kind of integration and I'll make sure your voice is heard with the team and users are still asking. 

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with. We and the community are always here.

I'm also experiencing the same issue. Very disappointed that it's taken this many months and still no fix in sight!

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Hi @Piratemunky, welcome to the community, and thanks for reaching out. I understand where you are coming from and I’ll keep you all posted here once we have an update. We and the community are always here.

Still doesn't work and it's been a year plus... Just wow... I guess sonos isn't going to make sure this integration exists?  I guess I should think about returning my speaker... 😐 ... Wouldn't have bought it in the first place if I knew it didn't work with one of the two music services I use... Very very very disappointed as this was my first sonos purchase and most likely my last

I know there is a workaround by playing Sirius XM via the Sono App but not having the voice command via Google Assistant was something I wasn’t expecting to happen when I bought my Sono One. To be honest, I may need to return my Sono One and go with a competitor.

It would be great to know when this will be supported in terms of timelines. If I knew this was on the way, I may decide to keep my Sono One and not go to a competitor. It’s clear from this thread that people would really love for this to be supported. Considering Pandora/Sirius XM are now one of the top music streaming companies by market share, this should be enough to make this urgent.

Hi @Krishma M 

What’s the latest news on getting SiriusXM to work with Google Assistant? What has been the team’s response when you bring up this issue? Does Sonos intend to address this bug, or is this something that Google needs to fix? 


I’ve never joined a thread in my life but this is beyond frustrating. Enough people have voiced their concerns. It’s been a year. Get your $hit together and give the people what they want. Give us a timeline. Give us something. @Krishma M sounds like a politician dodging everything. 

We keep getting the same response here. Can someone at least tell us if this integration is actually going to happen? At least tell us that. 

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We keep getting the same response here. Can someone at least tell us if this integration is actually going to happen? At least tell us that. 

I spent an hour with Sonos support today about this exact problem. Wasted one hour of my life only to be escalated to a supervisor saying ‘Sirius XM is not supported’!!

[Thank you for working with me today. As we discussed on our call these are the music services that should work with Sonos and Google Assistant: Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Tidal (Only supported if added to Sonos app and using an explicit command: "Hey Google, play Adele from TIDAL."), TuneIn and YouTube Music.] 


So pissed!!


Black Friday deals look great but I'm not purchasing another sonos product till this is shorted



Guys this is embarrassing.  This thread is well over a year old.  You can’t stay in business if you can’t improve the Google assistant integration Quickly.  This is some pretty basic coding work.  I have a Sonos system with over 10 speakers and even getting Google assistant loaded onto the system across all the speakers was embarrassingly slow.  Let’s go team.  You’ve gotta be better.  

Just switched everything over from Alexa to Google Assistant and spent the last 3 days trying to figure out why SiriusXM wasn’t working. I primarily listen to SiriusXM and very shocking this basic feature hasn't been developed yet. Rethinking my support of future Sonos purchases. 

How is this not fixed? 

alexa and SiriusXM have had major issues for me lately so I switched to Google assistant and find out this ain’t even possible?


Sonos just continues to get worse with time. I actually am starting to miss my old setup of google chromecast  audios. It was simple and worked and cheap! 

I shouldn’t have to start XM on my phone every time. It should work well with the voice assistants. 

Is the Sirius/Google Assistant enhancement in your pipeline?  Get this fixed asap.  My Sonos One purchase will be my last Sonos product purchase until this is fixed.  I can’t believe the age of this thread and this issue is still not fixed.  Also I find your lack of transparency about the Google Assitant/Sirius limitation prior to my purchase off side.


I have the same issue. Hope they can resolve this issue soon.


I see these comments are quite old so I'm unsure if this is still an acknowledged issue. I can't get Google to control Serius xm via Google voice Assistant and play on Sonos. All other radio and music services seem to work fine via voice Google to Sonos.  

Also my music files in Music Library cannot be Google voice controlled to play on Sonos.

This is truly pathetic and not only should Sonos should be embarrassed. I understand that these units have their own integration of Google assistant so I cant say their packaging is "False Advertising" but it's pretty darn close. When you pick up a package that bears the Google Assistant logo, you expect it to work!!

This is a Low blow from such a reputable company. Shamefull! 

Hi @Tod, thanks for reaching out with the Sonos Community! We greatly appreciate you being a part of the Sonos family. It is our pleasure.

SiriusXM is currently available with Alexa only and please remember, that despite some music services not working with certain voice assistants, a user can start playback in the Sonos app and a user can control that music service's playback via voice with commands like play, pause, mute, skip, next, stop, resume, etc.

As promised, I’ll pass this along with the team and we’ll let you know once it’s available. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with. We and the community are always here.

Sirius XM is fully supported on my google home, but it does not work on my Sonos Beam with Google assistant enabled.  Seems like Google Supports it but Sonos does not.

When is this going to be enabled, Sonos??