Sonos Radio and TuneIn not working after app update

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Sonos Radio and TuneIn doesn’t work after the “May update”. I have to Reauthorize both but with TuneIn I get an error and with Sonos Radio a timeout…

I have installed the old app and with the old app radios are working fine, “updated” again the app and radio doesn’t work.

Anyone could Reauthorize Sonos Radio or TuneIn with the new app?

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I'm posting the same thing all over this forum in order to raise visibility and get assistance. I have had exactly the same problem since the new Sonos app went live yesterday. I've been playing premium Di.FM stations through TuneIn on Sonos through years. I logged in to Sonos yesterday and in addition to finding a (very unintuitive) interface, TuneIn had been completely removed. I had to reinstall an android app for it, then figure out the custom URLs for my stations. I added those to TuneIn and it's still playing ads. I refuse to pay $13/month for a service (TuneIn) that is literally an intermediary between and Sonos. When I go back to the Sonos app, TuneIn still isn't linking the custom URLs that I put into the library and now I'm getting ads every minute for a service I pay for. Please add support for custom URL stations to Sonos as soon as possible so that we're not getting trapped behind a paywall (TuneIn) for a service that is already available through Sonos Radio and iHeartRadio. 

Same problem for me with “myTuner Radio” and TuneIn after the installation of the new application.

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Same here - none of my TuneIn Radio favorites work. Don’t worry. They’ll get to it in the July or August update. This is clearly a beta product that they released. It is just awful and does not live up to the quality that usually comes with Sonos. I am embarrassed for them. Love the 4 icon tile view in favorites using a 6.5” iPhone. I’ll just scroll for 2 minutes to find what I want. And the single play button within touching an icon? How stupid is that? I hit the icon, I would like to play it thank you. Bring back the list view of favorites or at least allow it as a toggle to the friggin icon view.

Same problem here - not happy.  Had to sit in my truck to listen to the noon news.  They better fix this soon or else there will be some Sonos products on Marketplace in my area.  And no chat reps available, and a 60 minute wait for support.  


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Sonos and TuneIn Internet Radio have been completely down for a week! How do they not think a complete service disruption doesn’t escalate to a Sev1 importance level? Unbelievable. Class action lawsuit time is now.

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Potentially the biggest irony here is that historically speaking, Sonos has always done significant alpha and beta testing with their user base before rolling out new features or making significant changes to the UI. How were these things not caught long before they pushed the new version of the app out?

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The must have outsourced their support (and possibly development) to India where they pay the worker $300 a month.

same here,  all my tune in live radio in favorites are not working after the May24 update. message says something went wrong!