Sirius not showing song…

  • 10 February 2024
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Just fired up Sonos and went to stream Sirius.  Upon logging in I was asked to reauthorize my account. I did and now it only shows the channel and not the channel and song playing.  Please fix asap!! 


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4 replies

Please complain to SiriusXM. As explained in the other threads about this issue, it’s theirs to fix. 

It worked fine until this morning. So Sirius is the root of this?

They’re the ones who provide the data feed, so I suspect so. If it was Sonos, it wouldn’t be just one provider. 

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[skip to the bottom if you just want the solution]

They did a remote session on my phone.
I demonstrated the problem and they asked me to remove SiriusXM and then add it back to my Sonos.

I then played Deep Tracks and the song/artist info was there!

We switched channels to and the info was missing. 😓

But then, I switched back to Deep Tracks and it was still missing.

And then I noticed something…

In my Recently Played list, I had TWO DIFFERENT DEEP TRACKS STATIONS.  One had a blue background and the other had a white background. 

  • The one with the white background said “27 - Deep Tracks and SiriusXM Station” underneath it.
  • The one with the blue background said “Deep Tracks and All Channels” underneath it.

The music is the same regardless of which station I played, but the song/artist information appears only when I play the station with the blue background.


  1. Try playing the SiriusXM station by going to Browse → SiriusXM → All Channels and finding the channel that way.  I believe this will work.
  2. Once you do that, remove the channel from your My Sonos.  My guess is this channel will show up with a white background
  3. Go back to the channel using step 1 and then add it back to My Sonos if you want to.
  4. When playing from the Recently Played list, avoid using the channels with the white background.  Eventually they should drop off the list.

See if that works...✌