Intermittent "Unable to browse music" and "mp3 cannot be found"

  • 9 August 2021
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Hi there, during the day I get multiple drop outs where the audio stops, or I am unable to browse music. I typically use “Music Library\Browse Folders” that points to a Buffalo Linkstation. When it happens, I can open the network share from a Windows10 pc and can see the file exists. I have read a few other articles that suggest encoding, but these are one off tracks within an album, that do play if I press Play (possibly 2nd or 3rd attempt). 

Any ideas?

Diagnostic reference 81528097


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4 replies


Just happened again half way through song.

Diagnostic reference 1689416693

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Hi @JohnFol68 

Thanks for your post, and apologies for the delay - as you had replied to your own topic, the topic was no longer flagged as one needing a reply.

There’s a high reception error rate in “The Shed”, which is likely the reason behind the errors and playback faults. As the signal strength is good, I presume this is due to the interference reported. Please check our guide on Reducing wireless interference and remove any sources from the vicinity of the Connect:Amp. 1m (3 feet) minimum separation is recommended.

It may also help to reboot the unit and the router, and to ethernet-connect the Buffalo Linkstation to the network - if it isn’t already.

It looks like you have a mesh WiFi - if the node to which “The Shed” is connecting is too far away from any of the other WiFi nodes, it may not have a good connection and could also produce the results you are seeing. Logging into the mesh system’s configuration page or app should give you details on the quality of the node’s connection.

Should you continue to have issues, please connect any one Sonos device to the network with ethernet and test all rooms - if this is an improvement, then please look into keeping one device wired permanently. Alternatively, please look into separating the WiFi bands (2.4 & 5 GHz) so that they have different names.

I hope this helps.



Hi Corry, all help is appreciated so no apology necessary.

The mesh node in The Shed is how my laptop / pc connect to the outside world and both report speeds comparable to when I had cat5 (i.e. backhaul is less likely to be the limiting factor). I moved from a “wired” arrangement to mesh recently so your comment about interference is interesting. 


I have tried a reset, wired etc. so let me work through the Wireless Interference suggestions. I am assuming it’s the interference on the Connect Amp ↔ The Shed mesh node.


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Hi @JohnFol68 

I am assuming it’s the interference on the Connect Amp ↔️ The Shed mesh node.

Yes. The Connect:Amp might be a bit too close to the WiFi node, or there may be another source. Note that a metal or glass surface close-by can reflect WiFi signals coming from the Connect:Amp back at it, which is also seen as interference.