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Hello. My name is Ben Smith and I head up Product Management for Experience, Software, and Developer Programs at Sonos.

I wanted to get more feedback from you all on your expectations for Shuffling tracks in your queue. I have reviewed the feedback on and received e-mails from a few of you (via our CEO John MacFarlane), but I wanted to get a better sense from those of you who use Shuffle, how your really want it to work.

When you select shuffle what do you want to happen? What don't you want to happen?



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Was any of this ever implemented. It seems that the macOS app doesn't use any of these recommendations.
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I'd like one of two things to happen:

Best: restart playing from the last song that was playing, keep the shuffle order.

Second: reshuffle the list so I don't always hear the same songs until I manually force a new shuffle.

When shuffle is selected don't always pick the first song on the list to play first.

Also if set to shuffle and loop, reshuffle after the last song so the new loop is played in a new order.
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I'd still like to see a "Shuffle Album" option--add a button in the Album list screen similar to the Song list screen now.
Ben could you make it easier to switch off the shuffle function when playing an album please.
I still would like the option when using a playlist from your library that there was an option of add to queue and shuffle.