How good is the app....really?

  • 15 July 2017
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I do not own any Sonos products (yet). I am considering going with the Coonect and then adding a couple Play 1 to start.

Currently I have a Bose SoundTouch Link and the theory was I'd go with the Bose SoundTouch line of speakers. That was until I stared using the Bose app. In short, the app is so God awful its basically unusable. To me, its so bad, I cannot justify buying into the Bose system.

Here are a few features not possible with Bose app that are deal breakers:

1. When I create a playlist in Amazon Music, the playlist will not be imported into the Bose app
2. There is no way to scroll to a specific spot in a song while its playing. You cannot drag the current time back or forward.
3. You cannot search for songs within the Bose app. This has got to be the dumbest think in the world, no search. Really?
Further annoyances are the screen is white. How dumb is that!! Real nice navigating in a dark lit room. Awkward interface. Its confusing to know where you are within the app.

How does the Sonos app work? Can it do my list of deal breakers? I don't want to manage two sets of playlists!!

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7 replies

1. Sonos can play music service playlists, iTunes playlists and its own playlists.
2. There is a slider to move to a particular place in a song
3. You can search for songs.
The screen is black on, well, grey. I have no trouble using it in any light.

I am hardly the least biased person, but I have never liked the Bose sound either. I much prefer Sonos.

I assume you have a legacy hifi if you are planning to start with the Connect? That's the bit that's puzzling me at the moment in your post, as you don't mention one.
Amazon playlists are on the main menu for Amazon Music.

There is a progress bar w/ scrub button for queued songs. It's the red line below the album art.

The app not only searches, it does a universal search across all services and sources.

Note, pics are from tablet version.
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Hi. Thank you.

When you say legacy hifi, I assume you mean my existing system. If so, currently I have an Onkyo receiver powering a 3.1 Definitive Technology ProMonitor1000, ProCenter1000 a ProSub800. With the Bose Soundtouch link adapter, it effectively makes my DefTech system a SoundTouch source. Its my understanding from Crutchfield that the Sonos Connect would do exactly the same thing.

The Bose app is terrible. I suspect I will return it and get a cheap $30.00 BT adapter in the mean time. I still have a major problem spending $350 to "buy into" the Sonos system and that just gets me in the door. I'd still need to get a couple Play 1's. That's a pretty high price to pay. I just dont understand why the Connect is so expensive. You think they'd want to practically give those away to get people into theit product line.

Thanks fellas.
I agree that the Connect now looks pricey. Your understanding of what the Connect does is correct. You might find an older ZP80 or ZP90 on eBay with plenty of life left in it. I imagine Sonos charge what the market will bear. The vast majority of new Sonos users now buy in through Play speakers. They aren't cheap but IMO well worth the money.
I don't know that if I'd buy a Connect now either. I have 2 that I don't use anymore that will probably go on ebay pretty soon. If I was just starting out, I probably would start out with 2 PLAY:1s. They can do a good job in any room on their own, and be repurposed as surrounds later on as you expand. Even 1 PLAY:1 for a bathroom or something is nice. Although it does seem odd to start off in that room.

As far as why the Connect seems high priced, I can see a few reasons for that. Even though it effectively does less than the PLAYs or AMP, it still has a lot of the same hardware. So cost to produce probably isn't that much less. I also wonder if they don't want legacy customers to feel like they overpaid, so keep the price relatively high.

Last, I would think that customers who go with a CONNECT tend to buy fewer other SONOS products then customers who get PLAYS. They bought it to go with the existing system, not replace it. Therefore, I can see where they would want/need a higher profit margin on the CONNECT to justify the product, since it doesn't generate sales of other products too well.

That's all speculation though.
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That sounds like a good speculation.
If you are serious about selling a Connect, send me a private message. Save on eBay fees maybe...
Been using Sonos for 10 plus years Happy and annoyed with it Seems to work fine Them all go wrong Very annoying Too much invested to switch But would I go this route again NO