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  • 13 May 2022
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I have an Amp connected to speakers on a deck and today there was no sound coming from the speakers.  On the app everything looks like the Amp is connected as it’s indicating music is playing.  i checked the volume and to make sure it was not muted and it wasn’t.  I tested the speakers by connecting them  to another Sonos amp and the music was no playing.   I then tried to connect the Amp with the issue to another set of speakers and still no sound but looks like music was playing on the app.  Wire’s are connected via the provided screw clamps I removed those clamps wiped out the area and then connected the speaker wires to banana plugs and still no sound.      

Has anyone else had a similar issue?  Amp was purchased in 2019. 




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3 replies

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Try unplugging the Amps for a couple of minutes and reboot your router and phone.

Can’t trust those “bars” that jump up and down in the controller, they’re not a real reflection of anything other than that it active. It’s not a true reflection of anything being sent out of the speaker posts. 

This is a Sonos Amp? Or a Sonos CONNECT:AMP? What source are you using to test with? Have you tried another source?

Might really help Sonos if you were to submit a diagnostic, and contact them, on the off hand chance there’s a fault inside the box, something we in the community wouldn’t be able to “see”. 


It's the Sonos Amp.   I tried several different music sources and still no sound. I did run the diagnostic and my plan is to reach out to sonos was just curious if anyone else has had a similar issue with no sound coming from the amp.