Sonos One Not Responding to Alexa Comands

  • 30 October 2017
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35 replies

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First the obvious one, sorry! 🙂 Can you just check that the Mic hasn't been turned off by accident, just touch the Mic symbol to toggle back on.
Thank you for that. Totally didn’t realise that the mic was touch button as well...complete blonde moment! ?
Very much appreciated for you prompt reply. X
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Thank you for that. Totally didn’t realise that the mic was touch button as well...complete blonde moment! ?
Very much appreciated for you prompt reply. X

Your not the first and you won't be the last! (Blond or not!) 🙂
And the solution was so simple. On going through the posts I too checked whether the microphone light on my Sonos One was on or not .... and it was not just a matter of touching it to light up and Alexa was back in the business. As somebody else remarked, “ made me feel
like an idiot”.
Just setup the Sonos One. All steps were followed and setup went smoothly, However it is not responding to any commands. It does acknowledge the command where I ask to play music, but doesn't complete the action.


Thank you for posting this. I had my Sonos One up and running then Spectrum Cable/Internet delivered a new router and I had to reset everything and for some reason I was unable to get my Sonos One to be on and respond to Alexa. I followed your instructions and now all is good.
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Hi Gazzstevens

Can you please try these actions:

- In the Alexa app, select 'Skills' and disable the Sonos Skill;
- In the Alexa app (PC version), select 'Smart Home' then 'Devices';
- Select 'Forget All' at the bottom of the screen;
- In the Sonos app, select 'Settings' and for each of the Sonos 1's remove 'Voice Recognition';
- If you have a Connect, please power down and then switch on and wait for it to boot;
- Power down the two Sonos 1's and then switch them back on and wait for them to boot;
- In the Sonos app, Select 'Manage' and then select 'Add a player or sub' and add the two Sonos 1's again. This will complete the set-up process again;
- In the Alexa app, select 'Skills' and ensure the Sonos skill is enabled, if not please 'Enable';
- In the Alexa app (PC version), select 'Smart Home' then 'Devices'
- Select 'Discover' at the bottom of the screen. Ensure that your Sonos 1's are displayed correctly and not shown as 'Off Line'. Also ensure that there are no devices with the same name (To ensure my Sonos devices are not duplicated, I've added Sonos to the end of each of my players within the Sonos App. Remember, if you want to do this, rename before selecting 'Discover';

Please retest and let me know the result.

Attempting to run through this process. Couple of things.
The Alexa PC Version doesn't seem to be available for PC Download. Do i use the Web Browser version instead?

Thanks in advance..
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Yes, sorry that was what I meant. ( or )
Here are the steps I used to configure a different Amazon / Alexa account for my Sonos speaker. This should work for both iOS and Android.

1. On your Alexa app forget the Sonos skill and delete the Sonos speaker.
Then on your Sonos app go to Advanced Settings and choose Reset Controller. This will disconnect the app from the speaker.
2. Do a factory reset on your Sonos speaker
3. Open your Amazon shopping app and logout of your old Account and login to your new Account.
4. Reopen your Sonos app and setup the "new" speaker. Then when you set up voice services choose Alexa. It should then connect to your new Amazon account.
5. Go to your Alexa app and enable the Sonos skill then search for new devices.

You're done!
DO NOT FACTORY RESET! It is not necessary unless instructed by a Sonos rep, and giving this advice to people can cause then to delete all their settings and playlists from their system.
Alexa is a IT cloud-based service wherefore resetting the Sonos devices to factory settings is pointless.