sonos connect and third party amp

  • 2 April 2024
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Hi there

we have recently moved house and the new house has a Sonos connect, third party amp, 4 internal speakers, and 2 external speakers.. all hard wired to the amp.

we have been kicked out of the login and have set it up new but now not all speakers are working, even though we haven’t touched anything apart from the buttons on the Sonos connect (so no cable issues). Previously the internal speakers were “one group” and external speakers were “one group”. I’ve googled so much and just cannot figure out how to fix this.


can anyone provide some advice, please? 




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2 replies

How did you move without disconnecting cables? 

If some of the speakers are working with the Sonos, but not all of them, then it isn’t a Sonos issue. It might potentially be the third party amplifier, or indeed the cabling between the amplifier and those speakers…or even those non-working speakers may have reached end of life, for whatever reason. 

It seems, given your post, that you may need to reach out to a user group that focuses on your amplifier. 

Thanks Bruce! It was left behind by the previous home owner, so no cables moved by us.

Turns out there was another Sonos product in my ceiling space that the app wasn’t detecting. The third party amp didn’t cause the issue.

All fixed now.