Plex Media Server on Synology NAS unable to Play Music on same NAS on Sonos

  • 5 February 2022
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Our SONOS One System can be controlled using the SONOS App either from our laptops or Apple Devices. I am now in the process of populating the Synology DS418Play NAS recently added to the home network with our CD collection, etc. I have added the associated ‘Music Library’ to SONOS without difficulty and can now use the SONOS App on our laptops and Apple Devices to play music from that Library without any issues.

I have also installed Plex Media Server on the Synology NAS; and have installed Plex on the laptops and Apple Devices. All the devices can access the music on the NAS using the Plex Media Server and play that music on the devices’ own internal speakers.

However there seems to be an issue with connectivity between the Plex Media Server and SONOS.

Although clicking the play icon at the right hand side of Plex’s top toolbar enables one of the several SONOS speakers to be selected from a dropdown list, a ‘Playback Error’ appears when ‘Play’ is clicked. This is the case on all the laptops and Apple Devices. 

After much online searching,reading and experimenting, I am still unable to solve the problem of how to use Plex to play music from a Synology NAS on our SONOS system. Ideally I’d also like to be able to play music simultaneously on several SONOS speakers but for now just being able to play on one of them would be good.

The home network does not have remote access enabled. The router is a BT Home Hub 6.0A and think the Server and SONOS Devices are on the same network. Selecting SMB1 in Plex appears to make no difference so the system is currently set to SMB2/SMB3.

I’m new to much of this so would welcome any suggestions for solving this problem. I’ve tried lying down in a darkened room without success.

Thanks in advance.

Fraser (Scotland)







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4 replies

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Can’t you add Plex as a music service and play your music via Sonos that way?

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes Plex and my Music Library are Sonos clients which will play through the SONOS App. That could be the pragmatic fall back solution. What I’d like to do is find a fix for the Plex Media Server option which although recognising my SONOS speakers as an output option tells me there is a ‘Playback Error’ when I select one of them and try to play a track. Thanks for taking time to reply to me.

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on your synology is SMB v1 enabled sonos requires this very old version to be enabled

Hi nw… thanks for your help. Although your Smb v1 suggestion doesn’t solve the problem of trying to use my laptop to control streaming music from the Plex Media Server on the Synology NAS to SONOS it does now let me use my iPad to control that process. That’s brilliant thanks. Pragmatically controlling music from iOS devices is much more convenient than using a laptop so I’m not so bothered about solving the laptop issue. Thanks again. PhraserB