What can work with existing Bose ceiling speakers?

  • 3 February 2018
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I currently have a 20+ year old system, including 2 Bose Accoustimass 5 speakers wired into the ceiling and subwoofer in one room and a pair of wired speakers in another, with an receiver and CD player. I'd like to wirelessly stream music but don't want to rip out my ceiling speakers, but can upgrade the rest of the system.

I don't know anything about this stuff - is there a set up that can work with the current Bose?

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5 replies

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I believe the Accoustimass set is 4ohms to the receiver.

Do you have the Accoustimass ceiling speakers hooked to the same receiver that the other wired speakers/sub are connected to in the other room? If so do you want to move to being able to play different music/volume in the 2 different rooms.

Let me know a little more detail what your final setup you would like is and I can recommend what to do.
Yes, I currently have all of the wired speakers going to the same receiver.
I don't need different volumes / music in different rooms.

Details - I have 2 wires from the Bose system in the living room coming out of the wall hooked into the receiver. Two speakers in the den are also wired into the receiver. CD player connected.

Want to stream Pandora, play downloaded music, CDs throughout the home and in the summer, out on the patio. Small house. Don't need anything hooked up to TV.

What else do you need to know? I really appreciate the help. This sounds like Greek to me!
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Easiest thing to do is get a Sonos Connect and hook it to one of the available inputs on the receiver (like Tape / MD). If you don't have another available input (don't know what kind of receiver you have).

Once the Sonos Connect is hooked to the input it really works just like your CD player - but controlling it via all the sources available to you from the Sonos app.

So first thing to wade into Sonos would be get the Connect.


Alternate more expensive route - but I like being able to control rooms separate. You can have your existing system as above and working. But then if you want the Accustimass system to be able to play its own separate music at separate volumes you could unhook it from that receiver and hook it to a Connect:Amp (which is a Sonos receiver). That then would give you a second room in your sonos controller that you could then play the same thing to (grouped as before) but be able to change volume independently OR you could actually play completely different music in that room independently. Meaning you don't have to be playing music in one room to play music in the other or play completely different music in both rooms at the same time.
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Then if you want to expand in to further rooms in your house - the Sonos Play units are great to expand across house. A play:1/Sonos One would be great to take outside and plug in to power out on the patio in the summer. Great deal right now on Pair of Sonos Ones. I would probably get those before spending money on Connect:Amp to split the current system. More rooms the better! Remember each Sonos unit is an independent zone you can play whatever you want to and can group any of them together to be playing the same music.

Also - rip all those CDs to a computer so you have access to all of them without pulling them out. Think of Sonos as a 5000 CD Changer.
Thank you so much Chris!