Just curious. What's the general audiophile of Sonos speakers?

  • 20 December 2018
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Is Sonos “Class A Stereophile Recommended?” Maybe not. But compared with the majority of high end set ups, is it possible to get near-audiophile sound quality (imaging, dynamics, transients, etc) from a Sonos set up? I’d say yes.

I have a Connect driving a B&W reference system, and the sound is fantastic. And I have a set of Sonos 3s with a Sub in another, larger room, and I’d argue it is extremely close in quality.

Stereophile has a very hard time putting something of the Sonos price point in the Class A category; if they did, their audiophile readers would be very annoyed with that. Better to read their measurement/comments after testing Sonos ZonePlayers back in the day when that is what Connect/Connect Amp were called.

I would argue that your Connect driven system is as good as it would be with any other audiophile source and the sound would entirely depend on the downstream kit and speaker placement. If the latter was reference quality, that would not change.

The other system you refer to would still be in audiophile leagues - extremely close to reference is good enough for it to qualify. That said, a certain member here would want to jump in to denounce me for saying this as he is habituated to do, but that is just how he is, and is of no consequence.
Had I had the money necessary, I would have certainly flirted with the audiophile market in my youth,
Few have the money in their youth for this hobby; it takes a combination of disposable income and mid life crises to get into this toys for boys thing. You may have missed the fun bits, but you also were able to not descend into the rabbit hole of that Alice in Wonderland world. And most boys outgrow the hobby.

There is a reason why so many great cartoons on audiophile foolishness are out there.