Need a rollback. I can’t play Audio from TV over my Sonos ARC and 2 Sonos Ones in my kitchen. The old app used to allow me to direct Audio from my TV thru my Sonos system in my kitchen. It seems I no longer have that option. Instead, my bedroom Beam system automatically shows up and I don’t know how to direct it to my kitchen system. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Now I find myself sorry that I upgraded the app - my fault. 

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Your post is a little difficult to understand. What exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to send the TV audio from the Beam in your bedroom to the Arc in the kitchen?

Superstar, sorry you didn’t understand.  I have a Beam and 2 Sonos Ones in my bedroom (set up as Bedroom) I also have an ARC and 2 Sonos Ones in my kitchen (set up as Kitchen)

I used to be able to play the TV audio thru the Sonos System in my kitchen (ARC and 2 Ones) at the push of a button on the old APP,  but the new app continues to show the Bedroom system and not the Kitchen system, even though I’m sitting in the kitchen.

There may be something I’m doing wrong but the new APP is confusing to me.  I prefer the old one.