Trueplay for Beam “Lost Speaker” with no sub or surrounds

Hi there,

I recently bought a Beam Gen 2. Setup went fine and came to run Trueplay. Halfway through the “Trueplay where you sit” part it comes up with an error message saying “Lost speaker” and that one of my speakers can’t be heard. 

The crazy thing is that there’s no sub or surrounds connected, nor have I tried to connect any. So if it’s lost a speaker, I can only imagine it’s referring to one of the drivers in the Beam itself?

For sanity, I reset it a few times and tried again. Made sure it was running the latest firmware etc. Hardwired it to my router (not that it should matter). None made a difference.

The few things I noticed as rather suspect:

  1. The bit where it listens to the background noise just jumps to the next step when you hit Continue. It doesn’t listen for 5-10 seconds like it does with my other Sonos kit
  2. When I tried a 5.1 test file, the left channel was weirdly muffled. I suspect this is the real issue. 

I ran a diagnostic, the number being 1552656763. Help appreciated! :-)


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Hi @JamesBradley,


Thanks for reaching out.


I’ve taken a look at your diagnostic, and I can see where the TruePlay tuning process is failing. However, it’s not clear from the diagnostic alone where the issue is. I can see that it’s failing with a “lost speaker” message, which we normally only see with surround setups when one of the speakers isn’t being heard.

As a quick test - do you have another iOS device that could perform the tuning? If so, does the same failure occur? Please reply with the diagnostic code here if it does.

Hi James,

Thanks for looking in to this. Just tried with another iPhone. Unfortunately saw the same lost speaker message.

I ran a new diagnostic afterwards as requested. The number is 1293374514.



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Thanks for that.


I’m seeing the same message on that iPhone too, but nothing else in either the iPhone’s or Beam’s logs to indicate why this is happening.

I recommend getting in touch with our customer care team via phone to go through some live troubleshooting steps to try to get your Beam TruePlay tuned successfully.

Please make sure you call from a different phone than the one you’d be tuning on, as you can’t do both from the same device.


Let me know how it goes!