Samsung JF7000F Keeps Disconnecting from ARC (and 2 One's) when powered off for a little while

  • 20 January 2022
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I just got the setup (Christmas present that was back ordered).  It all installed fine and connected easy enough.  However, anytime I have everything turned off for a little while and turn it back on - the ARC is not connected.  I have to go through the steps a lot of others mentioned (unplug TV, wait a couple minutes and plug it back in) to get it back up and running.  I found a LOT of threads on this, but no real solution and they all seem closed (so starting a new one).  I do have an older Samsung, model JS7000F - which I think is a 2015 year model.  I had it setup w/ the HDMI (ARC).  I tried the other trouble shooting steps I found (disconnect everything, unplug TV and ARC, start w/ Just TV and ARC and then add each component back one by one).  No luck - initial setup is fine, but after turned off for a little while it does not find it when turned back on. 

My full setup is the TV, ARC (and 2 ones as surround), Apple TV 4k, Cable Box is FIOS (Arris VM 1100) and an old blue ray player that I have not even tried yet w/ the ARC so it is staying unplugged for now. 

  1. Is there a real solution for this?  
  2. I just changed the setup to use the optical out and after a short test, that does seem to retain the output sound to the ARC/surround speakers.  If it continues to hold, is this setup sub-optimal and should I keep playing w/ getting the HDMI ARC config to work?  

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Is Anynet+ (CEC) enabled on the TV?

Before you turn off the TV next time, I would disconnect the Apple TV and leave it disconnected to see if you have the same issue the next time you turn the TV on. Do the same for the cable box with it disconnected while the Apple TV is connected. This will rule out any kind of interference these two devices might be causing.

You might also look for a CEC setting on the cable box and disabling it. It might be called “TV Input Control”.