Ethernet connection with Arc and Sub

  • 17 November 2023
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I have an Arc, sub gen 2 and a pair era 300’s.  I found an old thread that was advising if you have an arc connected via Ethernet, the sub should not be connected Ethernet because of the 5ghz network the home theater setup creates for itself.  The person in the tread had a gen 3 sub and since I have a gen 2, I was wondering if this is still the case.  FYI, I also have 3 other rooms that are all wireless connections 




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4 replies

If it ain’t broke…. leave the Sub on the dedicated 5GHz wireless connection. It avoids the lottery of your wired network’s latency.

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I fooled with wired versus un-wired Subs and saw no difference.

Took the advice here to use wireless and never looked back

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Ok thanks.  My sub is currently wired, I was looking to bring a HTPC to my setup, and wanted to use a wired connection to the PC.  I don’t have any free ports on my router, so I was thinking of changing the sub from wired to wireless.  Sounds like this is the way to go

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Extra Ethernet ports are cheap, Amazon and others can set you up with a 5 to 8 port switch from $20 to $40 that will do an excellent job.

I tend to run one Ethernet to each area where I need it then add a switch to split out the connections I need.

Check here before shopping, and dumb is better than smart/managed: