Video out of Sync

  • 14 August 2017
  • 7 replies

I recently got a Sonos Playbase(today) and I used the 2 Play 3s I already owned as surround speakers but there seems to be a issue with the video and sound when selecting a different audio track in the form of AC3. So the setup is as followes:

TV: LG 42" LS575T
Media Streamer: Roku 3
NAS: Synology DS1815+
Roku App: DS Video
Network: Playbase - Weird & Play 3s - Wireless
Other Cabling: Playbase - Optical Cable to TV & Roku 3 - HDMI to TV
Video Files: Handbrake CQ 18/16 with 2 Audio Tracks AAC(LC) & AC3

So when using the DS Video app and you choose a film you are prompted on subs and then which audio track you want to use with the first audio track being AAC and it all works fine but as soon as I pick the second audio track(AC3) and try to watch the movie it is as if the video is losing frames or something because while the sound appears fine the film has lost its silky smoothness that you get when selecting AAC, I'm not exactly sure how or why this is happening?

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7 replies

Update 1 - Well I've figured out the reason the video seems to go from smooth with AAC to unsmooth with AC3, the aspect ratio is totally wrong when selecting the second audio track....all very odd behaviour.
Update 2 - Well it seems if I go to DS Video App->Settings->Video Settings->Audio Remuxing and turn it to On that seems to solve the issue with the video, although at the moment I'm unsure why this would happen beyond the fact without this option On it seemed my Synology was at 100% trying to transcode the whole video?
Update 3 - In the about section of the Sonos controller software shouldn't it show Audio In: Dolby Digital rather than the Stereo it currently shows?
I can only help you with update 3, the others are beyond me, but yes, it should show Dolby Digital.

As a random suggestion based on half remembered other threads, have you checked to make sure that the Roku is sending Dolby Digital, and not Dolby Digital Plus? I seem to recall some discussion about that in the past, although it's just a guess on my part.
Yeah I'm having a fiddle with those settings now, since if I cast it from the DS Video app from my computer on to my TV I seem to be able to get at least Dolby 2.0 appear in the about section.
It appears to be some sort of issue with the DS Video application on the Roku, I just installed Plex on both my Synology NAS and Roku and it shows up DD fine in the about section of Sonos.
At the moment it seems sorted.