Sonos Arc and Samsung QLED 75Q80T (2020) problem

  • 2 November 2020
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Hi there,

I have a Sonos Arc and Samsung QLED 75Q80T (2020) problem. The sounds cuts out. I can “solve” this by unplugging the Arc. Everything worked for a week and then the problem started. I see that I’m not the only one with this problem. Don’t say it’s a problem Samsung has to solve. The TV audio works. It’s when I connect the Arc that there’s a problem. So Sonos needs to fix this or get in touch with the Samsung people. Please fix this, thank you.


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1 reply


I understand from what I read here on the Samsung forum:

...that both Samsung and Sonos engineers are already looking into these matters.

There have been other audio cut-out issues with this particular Samsung TV, with non-Sonos hardware attached, one such example is briefly mentioned here:


Anyhow, it’s not a ‘blame game’, it’s about the two manufacturers resolving this for their customers and Sonos have said elsewhere on this forum, that they have reached out to Samsung to get any matters resolved with them. 

From a personal perspective, the Sonos Arc, Sub, & Surrounds are working fine with the LG OLED C9 TV that we have here at home and my colleagues Sonos Arc is also working fine with his Philips manufactured TV.


Anyway, I hope the manufacturers involved, are able to get these issues resolved for you.