Sonos Amp and 3rd party subwoofer issue.

  • 11 February 2019
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They have helpfully concluded that it is the fault of my sub, despite my sub working perfectly with my previous setup of a Sonos Connect into a hifi amp. Whenever that amp turned on the sub was instantly on. Why can't the Sonos Amp do this even with it set to +15?


They have an issue. But they won't admit it. 

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What is the status of this? I am looking at using the Sonos Amp with either a Rythmik or SVS subwoofer. Does the subwoofer out provide a high enough signal level to drive subwoofers like these?

Is there going to be any valid responses from SONOS in regards to this? I find this type of customer service to be deceptive from a technology company.

I've read that the sub out is only 2 volts (personally I feel it's outdated voltage coming from a car audio guy) , but I would think that is plenty for 90% of the powered subs on the market.

I am looking at purchasing the Sonos Outdoor set with Sonos Amp to start my Sonos journey, but this doesn't appear to be a positive start. I would go to Best Buy and have them connect it all in store, but with Covid closures, that cannot happen anytime soon.

Same issue here - weak signal from the Sonos Amp’s subwoofer output makes it basically useless. I have to set the Sonos Amp to +15 and turn the sub’s amp all the way up to get audible sound from the sub. When I use this exact same sub setup with other sources it literally shakes the house with the sub level at 1/4. There are lots of threads and discussions about this; I find it infuriating that Sonos won’t at least acknowledge the issue. It’s also disappointing the product has such an obvious flaw when all the other Sonos stuff I’ve had has been quite good. I really wish I had come across these discussions before I purchased the Amp so I could have avoided it.


Your mileage may vary but the bug seems fixed on the latest firmware 11.1.


I had to turn the in-app sub level down from +14 to +2 :heart_eyes:

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Your mileage may vary but the bug seems fixed on the latest firmware 11.1.


I had to turn the in-app sub level down from +14 to +2 :heart_eyes:

Me too!

I'm not sure yet if it has fixed the “auto-sleep” issue with my sub. But it's definitely fixed the gain issue! It's very loud now!! I've got from +15 to +3, and may go down further yet!

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2 hours of TV later - no turn off!


I've halved the gain on the sub, and increased back to about +8 on the app. Keeps the sub alive. 





Means I can now spend money on some new KEF LS50s to go with my Amp!

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Hi everyone, we’ve been working on this issue and the most recent Sonos update, version 11.1, should have resolved any low sub output issues that you were seeing. If you haven’t updated already, you may notice that the sub level is much higher after the update, needing it to be turned down. Once you’ve got your sub output tuned in again, you should be all set to enjoy.

Have a good one!

I can confirm this as well - the latest update to version 11.1 seems to have solved the sub output level problem with the Amp. I’m not sure why this went unacknowledged so long, nor do I understand why the fix went out so quietly. Regardless, the Amp now seems to be functioning up to the high standards of the other Sonos devices. A big thank you to whomever was able to identify and resolve the software issue!

Mine is working properly now.  I had forgotten about the issue and was using my setup in the room with the AMP and noticed way too much subwoofer volume.  At first I thought it was where I was sitting so I moved and it was still incredibly high.  I went into the settings and adjusted it down to around +5 and it could still use a bit more adjustment.  I remembered this thread and came back to see if there was an update.  Glad to see this issue resolved.