Connect TV to Sonos Connect

  • 28 December 2016
  • 7 replies

Does anybody know how best to connect and set-up a Panasonic Viera LED tv (TX-50DX700B) to a sonos connect?

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7 replies

Optical out to a small DAC. RCA analog from DAC to CONNECT Line-In,
Great thanks. Could it work with a HDMI (arc) to RCA converter? I already have a converter.
Could it work with a HDMI (arc) to RCA converter?
Yes, I don't see why not.
That TV also has a headphone socket. With the right cable you could go straight from the headphone out (presumably 1/8" stereo) to the Connect (2xRCA). It would mute the TV speakers, but this is generally desirable because the Connect introduces a slight delay relative to the TV speakers.

Cheers, Peter.
TV headphone sockets aren't ideal. The signal-to-noise ratio often isn't that good.
Good point; the question I have is why? I can think of two possibilities. Inferior headphone DAC, but that would mean the sound in headphones would be noisy too. Or impedance mismatch, hence possibly overdriving a non-headphone input such as on a Connect. This could be managed by turning down the TV volume, but perhaps that degrades the S/N. It might be worth the OP trying this anyway - it's the simplest solution (if the sound is acceptable).
Yes, my point was that headphone sound can be noisy on some TVs, particularly at lower volume, probably due to crosstalk. IMO it pays to get the signal away from the immediate TV environs in digital format.