cleaning sonos beam white

  • 2 July 2019
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Hi there I’m new on here and have a question.

i have a white Sonos beam and seam to have a stain on the front fabric mesh . Looks like something has been splashed up the front of it . ( tea or coffee mark or milk)
has anyone have any ideas how to clean this or how do you clean the front mesh on a white beam ?
Mad it’s fabric and not metal ..

have called Sonos and they have advised me to try on hear and ask as they don’t know!

7 replies

I have not needed to clean my white beam but have removed marks from another white fabric covered speaker which was just a passive device.

I used Autoglym car interior shampoo, lightly sprayed the stain then dabbed it immediately with a clean white damp microfibre cloth. I had to repeat the process many times but it did come out.

My beam is just at the same height of my chocolate covered 14 month old daughter so expecting to go through the cleaning process very soon but I would test the rear of the beam first.

Using tap water will almost certainly leave a ring mark as it dries, so be very careful and don’t tell me it’s my fault your Beam got ruined or turned green and unplug first.
Belly M, thank you for the phrase "chocolate covered 14 month old daughter".

Made my day 🙂
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Hi garyk1

This may sound extreme. The stain you have is a coloration into the fabric. If it were possible I'd suggest taking it to the dry cleaners as they have special solvents to remove stains. The technical name for the chemical used in dry cleaning is tetrachloroethylene. A bottle of it can be had on Amazon.

You would apply it to a lint free cloth and gently wipe it across the Beam fabric in one directional strokes. Tetrachloroethylene will leave an odor behind for a few days but will eventually dissipate. The reason one doesn't smell it in clothing is because dry cleaned garments are placed in a dryer that in the process of drying also removes the odor. The steam used in pressing the garment further removes the smell.

Try it on the rear of your Beam first. Good luck!
Thank you for all your help
Surly this has happened before and I’m not the only one...
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Surly this has happened before and I’m not the only one...

Maybe, maybe not...but you’re probably the only one who has a “chocolate covered 14 month old daughter” 😂. Good luck to clean your Beam.

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I just noticed quite a number of small brown spots of fly crap on the mesh of my white Beam. I dipped the end of a cotton bud (I think that’s called Q-Tip in the US) into a clear blue liquid kitchen glass cleaner product we have here in a trigger-squirt bottle. Then carefully dabbed/rubbed the spots somewhat firmly but not aggressively with the wet end of the bud - and the spots came out/disappeared without any further staining or smearing.

The Beam is alright now - and all white now.