Beam disconnects from Samsung TV

I’ve had my Beam for several months, and it had been working flawlessly….until 4/3/20. Now I cannot get it to stay connected to my tv. I’ve tried factory resets on both the Beam and the television, I’ve tried different cables, and I’ve even tried running the sound through the supplied digital audio dongle. I can get the Beam to connect to the tv, but as soon as I plug in the other HDMI cables (one for my FIreStick, and the other for my PS4 Pro), sound disappears, until I unplug the HDMI ARC cable from the back of the tv, and sound comes from the tv speaker. The Beam itself sounds fine and will play streamed music; it just no longer stays connected to the tv unless nothing else is plugged in. Also worth noting: initially, it was connected through my FireStick, because it controls our entire system, minus the PS4. But, now I cannot even get the Beam to connect to the FireStick. I’m unsure whether this is a Samsung tv issue, a Beam issue, or a FireStick issue. 


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Sounds like either the FireStick or the PS4 are identifying themselves to the TV as a speaker, via HDMI-CEC. Try looking through the settings for each device, and turn off HDMI-CEC on both of them, then test. This is not a Sonos issue. I’m unsure if it’s an incorrect implementation in the HDMI-CEC hub (the TV), or in the software of one of those two devices. 

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Sounds like either the FireStick or the PS4 are identifying themselves to the TV as a speaker, via HDMI-CEC. Try looking through the settings for each device, and turn off HDMI-CEC on both of them, then test. This is not a Sonos issue. I’m unsure if it’s an incorrect implementation in the HDMI-CEC hub (the TV), or in the software of one of those two devices. 

I had the same problem that might have been be due to a firestick update around the same time.

Unplugging and restarting everything fixed it for me. I think the sonos app could be more helpful, just reporting “No audio being received over HDMI” would be useful.  

My Beam disconnects on a daily basis now, despite working fine for weeks or even months before this. There is nothing else connected to my Samsung TV. I’ve ensured the TV is set to the correct settings for the audio and although the Beam will initially connect this connection is lost after a few seconds and the TV reverts back to its internal speakers. 

I’ve ensured the system has the latest updates. This in now at the point where the Beam is an expensive ornament. 

Diagnostic submitted 1173909896

I’ve had the same problem. Not a fire stick issue!! I just changed from Direct TV to Spectrum TV and whatever the difference is, my  beam no longer works with my Samsung TV. Worked fine for about three months. SO frustrating!!!! Let me know if you figured it out. 

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Hi @dpr861 and @mloze, sorry for the late response, we missed the post.

@dpr861, I checked the diagnostic, the Beam is reporting “HDMI_FAULT_CURRENT” this means there’s a problem with the HDMI connection.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend calling our Phone support to test the Beam’s HDMI connection.

1 800 680 2345 Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm ET (for US support)

@mloze, could you please take a diagnostic from the Sonos app and post the confirmation here.

From the Sonos app go to Setting > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic.

This will give us a clue on what’s happening with the Beam.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.

Thanks. I reloaded everything. Took off the Sonos Ap and reloaded. Reset the TV. Reset all the wireless log on info and (so far) everything is working again...accept the universal remote which the cable company is swapping out.  Fingers crossed!! Thanks for help all!

I have the same problem. One thing that works is to disconnect both from power and then plug back in. But it’s a very annoying solution!

I have been through diagnostics with Samsung and Sonos. Still no joy!

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Hi @ashkan, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

We currently have an issue with Samsung TVs with the HDMI-ARC connection.

I would like to confirm this with your set up; Please take a diagnostic from the Sonos App.

If you like, I would like to check the diagnostic of the Sonos system to confirm.

Post the Confirmation here and I’ll check the diagnostics.

If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out.

diagnostics 154668679 submitted tonight 

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Hi @ashkan. Thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community.

Upon checking the diagnostic, the ARC status showing as offline, this means that your Samsung TV is not broadcasting a signal to your Sonos Beam. Also, the diagnostic showed that the CEC is not enabled or working. 

I would like to suggest the following steps to check if this would help out.

  • HDMI cable is fully plugged in
    • Unplug the HDMI cable from the Beam and the TV and wait 30 seconds before you plug them back in. Reconnect the HDMI cable to your Samsung TV and the Beam. This is to ensure that all the connections are fully seated.
  • Repeat the TV setup
    • On the Sonos app, go to Settings > System > Tap on Living Room (Beam) > TV setup. Please follow the steps on the app to complete the setup. Once completed, test your Beam if it’s working.
  • Remove other devices connected to the TV
    • Unplug all other devices connected to your TV and leave the Sonos Beam connected. Play the TV to check if you’ll get the same results.
  • Check CEC and ARC settings on your Samsung TV
    • Navigate through the TV settings menu and look for CEC and ARC settings. TV menu options are manufacturer and model specific.

If after going through the steps above and you're still having issues, kindly provide us the make and model of your Samsung TV. Also, I’d appreciate it if you will send us another diagnostic for us to check.

If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.

The Sonos Community is always here to help.


tried all of the above. the only thing that works is to disconnect from the plug and reconnect.

TV model is UE49KU6510

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Hi @ashkan, thank you for your response. I'm sorry to hear that after performing the steps provided, you're still experiencing the same. Let me help you figure out what's happening.

I have got a few questions and will give some suggestions on some troubleshooting steps that you can follow.

  • Have you tried connecting another HDMI cable on your Sonos Beam? Did it work?
  • Do you experience the same with your Sonos Arc?
  • Have you tried rebooting your network and Sonos devices? 

We would like to have you submit a diagnostic of your system and reply back with the confirmation number. This will allow us to see how your system is functioning, and help provide a resolution.

If you need help with any other information, feel free to reach out.

I had submitted diagnostics very recently.

It doesn’t look like you have a real solution.


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Hi @ashkan, thank you for your quick response and we appreciate your feedback. I do understand that you want this to be resolved as soon as possible.

We request a diagnostic report every time we asked to perform any troubleshooting steps in your Sonos system to check and validate if there's any progress or if the issue is still there. Also, the diagnostic report gives the snapshot your system for us to know the issue and understand what's going on to help you provide a resolution.

To further assist you with this, I recommend contacting our Sonos Customer Care support with a full connection setup including the make and model for each device connected to your TV. 

We're here to answer any further questions you have. You're always welcome here in the Community.