Google Assistant - unknown voice command

  • 9 May 2020
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Hi, I’ve set up a Sonos One in a similar location, where I previously used to have a Google mini (nest).


The google mini used to work well. I could play music, get weather/jokes, ask questions. It would recognise my voice etc.


The Sonos One is terrible! It recognises when any of us say ‘ok google’ but in the ‘my activity’ on google assistant it just has ‘unknown voice command’.

It will respond (on occasion) to basic voice commands like what is the time, or it will play a playlist from Spotify, but most times it beeps when I say hey Google, and the light blinks a few times - then it goes back to playing music or ignoring me.

When I check activity it says unknown voice command.

how on earth do I fix this?


2 replies

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Hey there,


I am sorry for the late response and I’ll do my best to help. Please try these steps below and let me know what happens:

  • Test music playback directly from the Sonos app.
  • Music service accounts match on both Sonos and Google Assistant
  • Verified only one and the correct Google account is being used.
  • Ensure your Phone/Tablet isn't inadvertently picking up the command.  
  • Remove Sonos devices from GA account and re add assistant 
  • Temporarily wire the Speaker to your Wi-Fi Router via Ethernet.



Unfortunately I have nothing to help on this but wanted to lend my voice to the problem.  I have two Sonos devices with Google Assistant on them - a Sonos Beam and a Sonos One.  The Sonos One works serviceably with Google Assistant and only rarely returns the ‘Unknown Voice Command’ error under ‘My Activity’.  The Sonos Beam, on the other hand, returns that error every time - usually paired with its very poor and inaccurate understanding of the voice command that I had given.