Can I Have Multiple Google Voice Match Profiles Associated with Sonos One?

  • 25 July 2021
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Is there a way to have Sonos One setup with Google Assistant recognize multipole voice match profiles?

i.e. when you say “Hey Google, Who am I?” it can recognize more than 1 person?  I can’t figure out a way to setup more than one person with a Sonos One.  I can’t get Google Assistant to recognize the Sonos One when I try and directly add a device to Voicematch.  I can’t add more than one profile via the Sonos S2 app because the system only ever allows one user to be connected to it.


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6 replies

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Hi @kedduncan, thanks for raising this with the Sonos Community!

While you can only link a single Google account to Sonos, you can certainly enable Voice Match through the Google Home app to get personalized results.

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Hi Xander, 


Thanks for the reply.  I can’t figure out how to enable Voice Match on the Sonos One through Google home.  I’m on iOS and when I follow the step of going through Google Home to Google Assistant and try and add device, the option to add the Sonos One never comes up.  If I follow the instructions to bring up and add a device by using the S2 app, I’m asked to login to my Google Account that is linked to Sonos and therefore can only voicematch myself and none of the other users.  How do I add the Sonos One to Voice Match without using the S2 app?

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Hi @kedduncan, understood.

This isn’t a feature I’ve used myself, however it looks like the steps to have multiple Voice Profiles active are as follows;

  1. Using your own Google account, set up Google Assistant on the voice enabled Sonos speaker.
  2. In the Google Home app, set up Voice Match on the Sonos speaker - when finished you should see the Sonos speaker listed under “Shared devices”
  3. Invite people to be added to Voice Match to the Google Home
  4. When they have accepted, they should be able to use their own Google Home app to go through the Voice Match setup.

Hope this helps :)

Under Voice Match in your account, make sure your Sonos device/room is there.  If not, follow “add device” instructions.  Worked for me!

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Hi !

Did it work for you ?

I have a generic google account for my house where all device are linked. Then my personal google account and other family account are on the same "house".

All can access devices in the house my sonos device too.

Voice Match is enable from the generic google account and the sonos devices are listed on it. But the other account can't access them. Only my other nest device are available.

When I try to discover new Voice Match devices from my personal account, sonos devices are listed but when I tried to add them I have a generic error.

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There some screenshots

Link reference is :

It's just like the user doesn't have access to it... Users are all administrators from the house