TruePlay on iPad Air 4 and other recent devices, part 2

  • 26 June 2021
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Over 6 months ago, I posted this thread about this same topic: Trueplay support on iPad Air 4 + other recent devices | Sonos Community

Since that time, this feature has been listed as “coming soon” but with no further news: Article Detail (

Is there an actual ETA? Thanks for any information you can provide.


Rant Time:

Does over 6 months after the device’s release date qualify as “soon”? What about when the next iPhone model inevitably releases a few months from now? Is that also going to take multiple months or years to be supported as well?

It’s already ridiculous that this feature isn’t supported on Android devices to begin with (you can’t do a cross section of the most popular models among customers?), but now it feels like newer Apple devices are also being ignored as well.

Better yet, why hasn’t Sonos hasn’t just started shipping a separate pre-calibrated mic that lets anyone do TruePlay tuning without the need for specific third party devices?

7 replies

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Rather than waiting, have you considered borrowing an iOS device from a friend or relative and performing Trueplay tuning for all of your Sonos speakers? Trueplay only needs to be done once.


I’m not sure that a Trueplay accessory product would be successful in the marketplace. I think that there will be pushback by almost everyone, especially Android users.

Also, newer products, such as MOVE and ROAM will Trueplay on their own, no phone/pad required. If this trend continues for all future products, Android and delayed Apple support issues will become moot.

SONOS collects a few thousand observations before releasing Trueplay for a particular model. This requires some time and data collection cannot begin until after the phone/pad is released to the public.


Another scheme might be to take a phone/pad to a dealer and have it calibrated. Would you be comfortable paying a fee for this service?



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Does over 6 months after the device’s release date qualify as “soon”?


What about 11 months after the device’s release? :thinking:


I remain hostage to Sonos’ definition of “soon”, seemingly a.k.a. “never”, since I don’t posses any other iDevices and don’t know anyone who owns one nearby me from whom I could borrow one. :disappointed:


Will Sonos ever actually release this for iPad Air (4th generation) or is the claimed “Coming soon” just bu115h!t?


I just bought an iPhone and was hoping to use TruePlay, but of course the iPhone 13 isn’t supported.

So now we’re bordering on 1 year with no support, and how much longer until the iPhone 13 is supported? Another year?

But oh, Sonos is sending me emails asking to buy their NEW version of the Beam! ****. Maybe you should support your existing products before launching new upgrades and begging me to purchase them. 


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A warning others here shared with me saved me from an expensive error.


In Sonos-ese “Coming Soon” doesn’t mean the support will be coming soon.

Soon can be a year or more.

Coming can be either a Supported or Not-Supported decision.


If you want TruePlay buy what works and is supported now, cheap used gear is a good option.

I have an Apple iPad pro 2021 and it is in the coming soon list. Will it ever get trueplay?

It doesn't look likely.

There are so few Apple devices that support it?

I managed to luckily get my employer to lend me an iPad that luckily worked.

Most don't have that option! I was lucky!

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Yeah I find it disappointing, Sonos can smack a big price tag on there products, but just take so long to release updates like this and keep up with the latest technology, I have just upgraded to an Iphone 13 and have no other ios phone etc in the house, I don’t see why I should have to go and borrow a phone/ipad to run truplay when this is meant to be a premium brand, I know the iphone 13 has only been out a few weeks, but from what ive been reading here its not going to be soon for an update to support it.