iOS 17 home screen widget

  • 29 September 2023
  • 9 replies

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With the release of iOS 17s interactive Home Screen widgets I think it’s time for Sonos to get on that no?

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9 replies

I’d think it unlikely, there have been iOS widgets for a long time, and Sonos has yet to dedicate any resources…especially given the likely complaints from the Android users, who wouldn’t benefit. Sonos likely have more than enough features and bugs that affect both platforms to be working on.

Why would Android users complain? AFAICT the Sonos Android app has had widgets of some form since 2013. I’m not an Android user tho. The user experience of the app IMO is poor, I’ll support any new features. 

Why do they complain about TruePlay?

I think that SONOS wants both platforms to present identical user interactions. This requires only one set of operating instructions and a user of one platform can instantly use the other platform. Unfortunately each platform has a few unique tricks and customs that must be given up in order to provide the identical interactions. I suspect that there is a programming platform that allows staff to work at a very high level when describing the user interface and the programming platform spits out both Android and iOS code. While this increases programmer productivity, it limits the user interface to common elements. I wouldn’t be surprised if a browser based App is developed and the Android and iOS controllers will fade away. For me this would be unfortunate because the desktop controller, as we know it, would also disappear. I prefer the desktop controller over the phone/pad controllers.

Why do they complain about TruePlay?

Why are you trolling?

I would love to have easy access (using a widget or iOS shortcuts) to control my SONOS devices.

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Soro is a decent app to create iOS shortcuts. 

Soro is a decent app to create iOS shortcuts. 

I was playing with this on an iPad lock-screen a few days ago and have a couple of Soro/iOS shortcuts to enable/disable ‘night sound’ on the Arc… but I haven’t found a way (yet) to assign either a different icon to the widget shortcut, or a label. So I’m digging around to see if there is a way to achieve this. See screenshot attached.

I’m not too impressed with the iOS features at the moment, but maybe things will improve with further updates 

Really like Soro however.👍

The Soro/iOS shortcuts look far better on the iPad ‘slide over’ widget panel. See first screenshot attached. I wonder why Apple did not allow these type of things on their Lock Screen? 

That said, the same panel can be accessed from the Lock Screen by sliding ‘left—to —>right’ and there are 3rd party widgets to control Sonos volume/playback available to install on that screen aswell. See second screenshot.