Apple Music curated playlists not showing up in search results

  • 27 January 2020
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Hi All,

This is getting a bit frustrating. In the past, when using the Sonos app in the search->playlists section I could enter an artists name ie Powderfinger and would get results such as Powerderfinfer Essentials, Powerderfinger: Next Steps etc returned.

For a few days this has not been working. Now when I run a search it seems to me that any of the Apple curated playlists are not returned in the search results, however, other playlists which are presumably created by other Apple Music users do show in the results.

Does anyone know if this is a Sonos or an Apple issue? I have tried deleting and readding my account to the Sonos app. Anyone else having these issues, or know of a solution.




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51 replies

Seems like there are quite a few people, myself included experiencing this.

No solution just yet but what I can tell you is that if you sear for “Apple Music” in playlists then loads of them appear albeit in a random order and can be played.  This suggests that it is not a problem with Apple but rather with Sonos.

Still waiting on a solution though.

i am having the EXACT same issue.. ive always listened to the "Essentials" by plenty of artists through Sonos using Apple Music and never had an issue.. this just began happening in the last few days for me, i have a ticket open with them but no solution found.. i tried uninstalling Sonos as well as removing Apple Music from Sonos but neither have fixed the problem 

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Hey folks, we’re currently investigating an issue affecting curated playlists in Apple Music on Sonos. I’ll update this thread when things have been resolved, but in the meantime you can add the curated playlist to “My Music” in the Apple Music app, and you should be able to find it in Sonos under My Music > Playlists > Apple Playlists.

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Yep +1 for this issue, started happening out of the blue on both my and wife’s iphone. Tried re-authorizing Apple Music account but no difference.

Our current work-around is to airplay from the Apple Music app :/

Hi Jeff. Any update on this issue yet? Thanks. 

Hi Jeff. Any news?… 


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Hi everyone, thanks for your patience. We’re still looking into this issue, I don’t have a timeline to share for when it will be resolved. I’ll be sure to update the thread when things are back up.

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+1 would love to be able to access new playlists freely without having to go through the extra step of adding to my library in apple music (whose desktop app is, frankly, the worst thing on my computer). 

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Hi everyone, this issue should now be resolved. Please test it out and if any issues remain, submit a diagnostic report and reply here with the number.

Apple search still not working right for me in playlists. 

diag 1683674924

Issue not fixed for me

Diagnostic # 966569828

@fvorsten Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for bringing your concerns to us. I can see from your diagnostic report that you have some network performance issues affecting Sonos. I also can also see that you can benefit from a full network and Sonos equipment re-boot as products show 2+ months without a re-boot. I would suggest:

  1. To bridge one of your routers, then do a wireless setup to put all of your Sonos products on the correct 2.4 G connection.
  2. Next, power off/on your modem/router(s)/extender(s)/Access Point(s) for 30 seconds with no lights.
  3. As they are powering on the power off/on your Sonos products for 15 seconds with no lights.
  4. As they are powering on the re-boot the device(s) running your Sonos app and test.

When you have completed the above steps, then please follow up here with the testing results and a new diagnostic report and report number as well.

Thanks for your fast reply!!, I did al the steps but still no curated lists from Apple,

when I search for U2, no Apple curated playlist can be found although they do show up within the Apple Music app  



Thanks for your fast reply!!, I did al the steps but still no curated lists from Apple,

when I search for U2, no Apple curated playlist can be found although they do show up within the Apple Music app  



You are very welcome, but where is the new diagnostic report and report number?

The new number is 345746302.

Thanks again John!

@fvorsten I am not seeing anything in the diagnostic report that would indicate you are having the issue from this post. This may be with your device or your Apple Music account. What is the current OS version of your iOS device?

Please remove then add your Apple music account in Sonos and then test from your device once more. As a second test, I would also ask that you try this from another iOS device and follow up with screen shot(s). If you have a need for further assistance you may want to reach out i us in the Dansk Forums.

Thanks John, I have tested it with my iPad with the latest iOS version, still the same. 
Let me troubleshoot some more and if I find anything what might cause this I get back to you. 

Dansk is not my foreign language, Dutch is. Both can be easily be mixed up ;-)

I am having the same issue - no Apple curated playlists showing in the “Playlist” search. Here is my diagnostic code:1117441293. Thanks

I think I am seeing the same issue. If I search for an Apple Music curated playlist I don’t see it. If I search under ‘Playlists’ for ‘Apple’ I see some but not all. This looks like a simple search bug. Can anyone help me with how to find the Apple Music playlist I want to listen to from within Sonos? 


Hey @Brantlinger , thanks for the post and for the diagnostic report.

I did not see any indicators that the Sonos  is suffering an issue with your playlist  would like to collect additional information regarding your inquiry.

  1. Are you using the monthly service Apple Music? Or iTunes?
  2. Have you tried to remove and re-add the music service?
  3. Is the music in the playlist fully downloaded, or are the contents of the playlist from streaming tracks only?

Feel free to make a reply here and I would be happy to take a look further.

Adam: Thanks for the quick reply. I use Apple Music. This suddenly started to happen about 3 days ago.

Yes, I removed and re-added Apple Music to my Sonos and the problem persists. It is for streaming only. For example, when I search “Beatles” in the playlist section, previously all the Apple Music playlists (i.e. Beatles Essentials, Beatles Deep Tracks, etc.) would appear - now nothing appears from Apple Music.

Hello, I’m having the exact same issue. 
diagnostic number 1685415330

Seems like my Sonos app (all of the sudden) can’t communicate with my Apple Music playlist search function. It’s worked fine for years. My Apple Music is up to date and works fine by its self (monthly subscription). I’ve tried resetting the system, removing and re-adding both apps and remove and re-adding Apple Music. Please help. 

If you search for “Apple Music” you will get a list of several Apple playlists in random order. In the list is also a playlist for John Mayer. If you do a search again for John Mayer, no playlists can be found. 
This has nothing to do with subscription imo. This is more related to the way the search field is connected with the Apple Music database. Seems the search field is looking in the wrong database-set. 

I am also in the same boat here.


diag is 155764891

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Are you searching “Apple Music / Apple Music” or “Apple Music / My Library”?