is there going to be option to play music direct from android devices rather than have an external source?

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James - You are correct when you say about the set up of the demonstration units in store (pc world in my case) that had the music streaming straight from an Android handset - if it can be done in store why on earth can't we do it as customers - this is THE reason why I bought my Sonos - mis-sold is correct..
Hello Michael, I have moved this over to the Ideas section as it is not currently supported. This way, other users can also add their support for this feature.
I am really in trouble - I can't play from my Android phone - I can't play from Google play - I can't play from Amazon cloud player - It is really hard work being a Sonos customer all of my streams are not available - Playing from all of these sources is a must have not an option for consideration - just get on with it Sonos so your customers can use their very very expensive systems how they want to use them - stop procrastinating
I think what you dont see in store is a laptop hidden out of view. I.e. what you're actually seeing is an android phone controlling the music stored on the laptop. But what you believe you are seeing, and what i believe some store staff have informed sonos customers, is music stored on an android phone being played through a sonos system. Only when you get home do you find this is not the case.
Is anyone actually reading this thread or just freaking out with rage? Whilst there is no option from Sonos (yet, i hope) there is a perfectly good and easy to use option with Bubble UPnp on Play Store. Try the free version first, and then youll upgrade to the premium version, £3 i think it cost me. Simple.
Bubble installs add agency spyware on your phone - Skifta does not and works - however both are poor solutions to a problem that should not exist - Sonos support is very very poor for a premium priced product we should not be on here looking for solutions to a problem that should not exist.
Why is there even an android app if it doesn't work?
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The android app does work. It allows you to control your sonos system. It's a controller app not a streaming app.
Machiel - Indeed the app does work as a controller - they have managed to make the ios version play from the handset so how difficult could it be to just add the ability to use your phone as the source in exactly the same way you do when you set up a nas box its just a reference to a source surely - ios and Android are both Linux based so why they can't is baffling when 3rd party apps such as Skifta will play to Sonos - my only conclusion can be is that Apple have said to Sonos that they can stream from Apple products as long as they don't allow Android users to have the same experience, this would not surprise me if it is the truth knowing Apple and their hate for Android.
Rather and sit back and wait for enough people find this link and vote for true Android support, Sonos should be PRO-ACTIVE and find out what device their customers are using and would like to use. That would all of about 15 minutes to send out an email to the 8,600 members of this community and get their take on the subject. Then do some extrapolations of the public at large to determine the direction of the market for Android. A product manager worth his/her salt would have done this months ago and made the easy conclusion that Sonos is missing the mark. I have a NAS that I play from now, but that's a cumbersome solution and sometimes I just want to play a song from my device. That's the goal here.
+1 I originally planed to buy a Sonos system. But I don't want to be treated second class compared to iOS users. Maybe it's time to look for an alternative. Regards, Fabian
I went into PC World today and asked them where the music is stored that is played through the demonstration unit - they told me it is on the phone (an htc) not on a laptop - the display unit is setup by Sonos - so they can play directly from the phone, it seems Sonos have not enabled it on the app - I would like to know why and if Sonos know that people are buying systems with this in mind and finding they can't do it....
It's not on the phone. It may have been streaming from an online service, or an NAS, but it wasn't on the phone. If that guy is anything like most salespersons at a big box store, he knows as much about the workings of Sonos as he knows about quantum physics or brain surgery. The *very* last person I would trust for information about electronics is a sales drone.
Hi, i even asked the salesperson if he was sure it was on the phone - he went and asked the Sonos in-store specialist who said it was on the phone - if it is not on the phone then none of them know what they are selling - mis-selling
It wasn't on the phone. I don't care if the guy claimed he asked John MacFarlane himself, it wasn't on the phone. You should go back and ask to see the music on the phone deleted and then attempt to play it. Quite frankly; this speculation that Sonos has this function working in its demos to fool people into thinking it works, or they have somehow "hidden" this function from the user's once they get it home, is smack dab in the middle of tin-foil hat territory. Not everything is a conspiracy people, especially in regard to First World problems with luxury items like music streamers.
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Another Android user here requesting support.
Give it a rest Carl.
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I am awaiting Android support from Sonos before purchasing. However, I have seen third party app 'Twonky Beam' used to stream audio to Sonos (and video to Samsung TV). On Youtube, there is a video under Twonky Mobile (replaced by Twonky Beam). Within Google Play, the screenshots for Twonky Beam show Sonos as device. Some users prefer BubbleUPnp to Twonky to do similar thing - both are free on Google Play. Probably, worth giving a go before returning Sonos, but agree this is a huge let down from Sonos given size of Android market.
Enough already.
Is there another possibility? The phone on display is plugged in. I had always assumed that this was to charge the phone but could it be connected to the devices and sending music this way?
Sonos devices have no USB ports for the phone to connect to, but if the USB share on the phone were mapped to a drive on a PC, and the PC was sharing the mapped drive to Sonos, that could work. However, that would still require a PC, and why would Sonos share from a phone when a PC was available?
True. So it would appear that the only option left is that the phone is acting as a controller. But what it's controlling is still unknown.
Can I just add my vote to this feature. Also if anyone knows how to get bubbleUpnp to steam to multiple sonos renderers at the same time (party mode?) please let me know
I too agree, please Sonos hurry up and add this ability for Android. I paid a lot of cash for my kit and now i've moved to Samsung Note it hardly seems fair that i cannot use streaming.. I'm looking to add more units around the house but will hold off if you only support iphones
Absolutely need this! Leaving the Android / Google market out in the cold
Absolutely need this! Leaving the Android / Google market out in the cold
And iPhone users could say Android's widget, notification and ability to connect directly to Sonosnet is leaving iPhone users out in the cold. The reality is something different.
Absolutely need this! Leaving the Android / Google market out in the cold
well, give and take....
Let's hope they will add proper support for Android soon. I would also like to use the Spotify app on my Android to stream to Sonos, as it's much better compared to Spotify's implementation in the Sonos app. I'm about to expand my wireless audio solution and although Sonos' propitiatory system is closed, there's no proper alternative right now. But I will move to something like the Puro Jongo if Sonos stops innovating
The hard part here is that Sonos is Airplay compatibe. Airplay, unfortunately, is propitiatory software by Apple.. Some Android apps are Airplay 'capable' (by reverse engineering Airplay software and implementing this), however, these apps are still fairly crippled. Let's hope Sonos can implement a similar feature for Android (and Windows Phone) devices...