How to connecting Sonos through guest wifi

  • 10 October 2016
  • 5 replies

I have a vacation rental property and just installed sonos. I want to setup the sonos through the guest wifi so my renters can access it without giving access to the main wifi. I bought a boost system but still can NOT get the sonos to run through the guest wifi.

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5 replies

You can't use a guest WiFi. It says so here.

The whole point about a guest WiFi is that it stops users from accessing other devices on the local network. This obviously breaks Sonos.
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You could use sonosnet (if you already are not) and have a cheap android phone or tablet for Sonos use (connecting to sonosnet). Of course that tablet would have full access to you network as well as any Sonos unit via Ethernet.

You could use a second router and have all Sonos and guest access on that router.
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I guess you could setup cheap android phone or tablet with access to your primary network that would have to be used for Sonos.
For AirBnB this is a common issue. Sonos please support this scenario!
I realize that this is old string but I did find a solution. I just installed the Google wifi Mesh network at my house. The router is strong enough that I do not use a separate bridge or boost. I found that this router will let you setup a quest network and then it will allow you to select devices that you can let guest control. I selected all my sonos speakers under the guest account. I used a phone that was never on my home network and connected to the quest account and downloaded the sonos app. It worked.