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Sonos One NAS Integration

Will the new Sonos One stream music directly from a NAS device on the same network?

Sonos one

Could anyone answer this, if you have the Sonos one can you ask it to play music on a play 5 for example, I have set up the Sonos skill in Alexa , I suppose my question does Alexa on Sonos one control...

Plays one song on Sonos when I ask Alexa to play music -then stops

so now I have both echo dots playing through both my sonos - one in bedroom and one in kitchen - however when I ask Alexa - play rock music on bedroom - one song gets played then the music stops - wh...

Controlling Amazon Music via Sonos App

Can you control Amazon Music songs that are playing via your Sonos system, in the Sonos app? I've got a Connect Amp which plays via ceiling speakers in my kitchen. This zone is named "Kitchen". I c...

Set up Sonos One with Alexa

I've followed the set up connected both accounts as described, alexa responds to questions but when i ask to play music/radio etc she says its playing but no sound. i've also found she thinks shes in...

New Sonos One with Alexa: Can it pair with an existing Play: 1?

If I buy a new Sonos 1 with Alexa capability/mic, will it be able to pair with my Sonos 1 without Alexa for stereo?

Alexa and Sonos together?

I can't get Alexa to successfully play a playlist on Sonos. I have set up everything and can play songs on Sonos. However, beyond that, Alexa is not doing anything to control my Sonos configuration....

Can't get Echo to work with my Play 5s

I have two Play 5s paired as a stereo pair named "Lounge". All Sonos apps running on my Mac devices were upgraded to 8.1 this weekend. I received a new Echo Dot two days ago. I've set it up with both...

Sonos 1 with alexa

I have 4 sonos 1 a 3 and a 5 I want to get the sonos I with Alexa but want to know if you can use iTunes for commands . All my music is on iTunes.

Discount voucher for Echo

Hi How do I get the discount voucher for the Echo?

Alexa will stop playing a station but won't start one.

I have got an Echo Dot and have successfully setup the the Sonos and Alexa devices. (They are showing as online in the 'Devices' in the Alexa App). I am able to ask Alexa to stop playing a station in...

Sonos alexa integration

I updated my connect amp and activated alexa integration (echo dot in my case). Now, according to https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4158/~/amazon-alexa-and-sonos it is only able to pl...

Bad experience with Alexa Sonos integration

I was very excited for the integration and decided to buy one of the echo dots, but have been throughly disappointed so far. The lack of ability to use all the premium services has been a big disappo...

Sonos offering $25 off coupon for Echo Dots

According to this story, Sonos will be sending all its customers a unique code for $25 off an Amazon Echo Dot. UK, US and Germany only. https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/17/16489516/sonos-25-dollar-co...

Featured Music services and Alexa.

I understand that Alexa will play music from several music services including Amazon Music and named streaming stations but will it play all existing music from my Sonos Music Library which has not ne...

Alexa and Sonos setup sucessfully but not playing music

I setup the new alexa skill for sonos and alexa understands my commands correctly. I replys correctly, that the e.g. tunein program is played on a specific sonos device. However, the music just does n...

The hardware may have been ready, but the software definitely isn't.....

It would appear that the development and availability of the Sonos One hardware has forced a premature release of laughably V8 buggy software, which clearly isn't fit for purpose. What happened to...

Alexa TV command

Got my Sonos and Echo dot configured. If i'm playing music on my playbar, is thrre an Alexa command to change it to TV mode?

Music stopped playing via Alex after updating Players on 10/20.

I had the Sonos skill added and it was working for the most part. Playing my Pandora on the each player via Alex voice control. and I could see in the Sonos app the art of the current playing song. I...

Sonos one questions

Hi everyone, Hope you’re having a great weekend! I wish to buy 4 Sonos one’s on launch day but have a few questions: 1) Do I need existing amazon Alexa products for the Sonos one to work or is it c...

Alexa will not play to recognised sonos group

I have a Sonos PlayBase and 2 Sonos 1 speakers set up as a surround sound system and I have successfully used my Alexa Dot through my Sonos speakers. However, today I renamed my Sonos Group, told Al...

First impressions getting Alexa on Echo Dot to work with Sonos

Used the Sonos coupon to get a Dot for half price. Set up and tried the Dot last night for a short period. This is what happened; hope it's useful to others. TL;DR --- There appears to be some signi...

Echo dot

Brought one , had it work to tell me the weather, went to add Sonos skill . Could not find as shown did get my room names, but unit now keeps disconnecting fro WiFi , did many reset ups, plus unit fac...

iPad Music on Sonos via Alexa

Will l be able to play the music I have saved on my iPad via Echo dot on Sonos

Controlling Sonos groups with Echo Dot

I've just set up echo to discover my Sonos speakers in "living room" and "office". I'm able to tell Alexa to play music in either he living room or the office. I have not figured out how to have Ale...


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