Alexa keeps interrupting Sonos

  • 21 October 2017
  • 4 replies

Every time we ask Alexa a question, it interrupts music playing on every Sonos speaker in the house while Alexa listens and then responds to the question. This is incredibly annoying. Is there a way to prevent all of the speakers from temporarily turning off when we use Alexa? Thanks.

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4 replies

Not at this time. Sonos is aware of this and is looking into solutions. Remember, the Alexa functionality is still in beta.
I guess the best thing they could do here is make the ducking configurable in settings to account for personal preferences. The reality is you're trying to do two conflicting things with it at the same time. How would you have it behave? What if the music was too loud for Alexa to hear you, or vice versa? Then you (or someone else) would find that annoying.
I am not sure if I explained my situation correctly. I am in the basement listening to music on my Sonos speaker. My son is on the second floor of our house and asks Alexa what's the current temperature is. While Alexa is responding to him upstairs, my Sonos speaker cuts out in the basement. It seems like something that will eventually get worked out. I like Alexa, but I can't be the only Sonos user who doesn't want his music to be interrupted when she gets put to work.
I am having the same issue... my kids using Echo Dots in their bedrooms cause the music on Sonos in the Livingroom to intermittently drop in volume. I would think it should only be localized to the Amazon device being used. This makes using Alexa with Sonos just not worth it. I will be delinking them for now. Hope you have a solution soon!