SONOS ONE / Alexa and Hue Bridge v1

  • 21 November 2017
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I am wondering if there is a definitive answer to weather or not a Philip Hue bridge V1 (round one!) works with Alexa, as i have tried multiple times uninstalling Alexa from the ONE removing All skills etc etc.

Alexa cannot detect the bridge or the lights..........i have seen mutiple questions like this, but the only posts that seem to have the ONE/Alexa successfully find a Hue bridge are the users with a V2 bridge....any insights??

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6 replies

I have the Philips Hue V1 and it works fine with the Sonos One. I already had everything setup for my Echos, so after I set up the Sonos One, enabled the Sonos skill on the Alexa app, and discovered devices (the new Alexa device that’s part of the Sonos - this is confusing, you’ll have two devices appear on your Alexa app, the Sonos One plus a second one named for the room you put it in). Once the Sonos was all set up, I had no issues with using commands for the Philips Hue V1, Wemo, Logitech Harmony hub, and Nest. My only problem is getting it to play my music via Alexa, but that's a different problem.
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I as well have the hue 1 bridge with Sonos Alexa and it works fine.
I as well have the hue 1 bridge with Sonos Alexa and it works fine.
Do you own echo device to or just sonos one
I can confirm as others have mentioned that a Sonos ONE cannot discover / use / control a Hue gen 1 hub by itself. Apparently an additional amazon native device is required for it to work. Any timeframe on when this will be acknowledged, tested, fixed? This has put a significant dent in Christmas. 😞
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Really. I was under the impression the Alexa app could be setup with just a Sonos One. You can't set off discovery mode in alexa app?
I just had upgrede from v1 to v2 hue bridge and it’s working fine now. Just sad bit is you have to upgrade to get it working