Connecting Amazon Fire TV (or Fire Stick) WIRELESSLY to Sonos

  • 6 October 2017
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Hello, I've been searching for a definitive answer to this for a long time, and I cannot find the information anywhere.

I would like to connect my Fire TV audio to a Sonos system via wireless. Currently, I'm able to connect my audio from my Fire TV via Bluetooth to either a Bluetooth speaker or my Amazon Echo. What I would like to know is if the new Alexa integration will allow wireless audio to route from my Amazon Fire TV to a Sonos system. If so, does this require the new Sonos One?

This is also relevant for any users who want to connect a Fire Stick directly to the back of a ceiling mounted (or otherwise remotely located) projector and can't route audio cables.

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13 replies

The Sonos/Alexa integration is about controlling sonos through Alexa voice control. It is not about sending audio from an Alexa enabled device, like fire tv, to a sonos speaker wirelessly.

Sonos will play tv audio (fire tv or otherwise) through the optical input on the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE. If you cannot have a wired connection, or don't want to use a PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, there are various workarounds with various limitations. The right solution really depends on your specific situation and needs.
So the Sonos One will not be able to pair with my Fire TV the way my Amazon Echo currently can?
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The Sonos One will still not have Bluetooth, so if that's how the pairing is done then no.

If there's something else in play... we'll need an official answer to say.
Would LOVE to stream from my Fire TV to a Sonos device (other than Playbase/bar)
Just purchased a Play One. With a small condo I have no need for more speakers.. would love to use this little guy for TV audio as well. Anyone figured out a work around that doesn't require buying a soundbar/base?

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Just purchased a Play One. With a small condo I have no need for more speakers.. would love to use this little guy for TV audio as well. Anyone figured out a work around that doesn't require buying a soundbar/base?


As melvimbe has stated there is no Bluetooth support for external music sources to play over Sonos. The only options are via a line in on a Play 5 or via an Optical connection to a Playbar/base.
Just checking, UKmedia, it's been a month. It must be possible considering both devices are connected to the same network, the software just doesn't support it... I'll be returning my Sonos ? #firstworldproblems.
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Sonos is a closed system for communication between Sonos devices, Bluetooth is still not supported. You still won't find a system with the same multi room sound quality.
Guys, Maybe I can shed some light. UKMedia mentions that Sonos is a closed device environment, but there are ways of getting audio in and out of the Sonos environment. I think you guys have completely skipped over the thought of using a Sonos Connect for the Fire TV.

Here are a couple solutions (and this is where planning your AV makes sense - even if you only have a small apartment ;)

If you have a true Fire TV (Not the FireStick) you have an Optical Out on the back of the Fire TV.
With the following you can get audio from your FireTV to the Sonos ecosystem

It's a bit spendy, but that's your solution. You have to pay to play.

The other is buying the's even more expensive, but in this world, you get what you pay for.

Hope this helps
Hey Jason, I hear you! Good feedback, gotta pay to play. For me it's about simplifying the setup not the money. I'd pay $350 for a software solution, I just don't want more devices plugged into my wall..
I agree. Best bet would be a playbar right under the tv (if wall mounted) or the playbase if sitting on a console.
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What I am looking for is just the same app that's on my PC, or Android device to be on my FireTV or Chromecast. The music still comes from one of the music streaming services accessed by the Sonos. But why not have the app for this? If I just want Pandora, there's an app for that. Or if I want any other of the same streaming services Sonos uses, there are apps for those as well. I guess I can try a browser on the Fire TV, but navigating would be terrible. Everybody not comfortable with Alexa. Don't wish to ask Alexa who is this artist.
Hello, I believe if your using any android box with Kodi media player, can you not use the UPnP settings to stream through Sonos??