Setting Up to Play TV Audio Using Ethernet Cable to Connect: Amp

  • 29 January 2019
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I have set-up a Sonos Connect: Amp to play music through four wired ceiling speakers in a room of my house. The four ceiling speakers are wired to the terminals on the back of the Connect: Amp. A 2018 Samsung TV is hung on awall of the room. Two communication cables terminate behind the TV: a coaxial cable used for cable TV feed and an unfinished Cat 6E Ethernet cable (not in use). The other end of the Ethernet cable (also unfinished) terminates in an A/V closet within reach of the Sonos Connect: Amp. It does not appear practical to replace the Ethernet cable with, for example, an HDMI cable due to the roughly 70-80 ft cable run (where the entire run is behind the walls).

I would like the TV audio (but not surround sound) to play on the ceiling speakers through the Connect: Amp. Can I use the Ethernet cable to play TV audio through the ceiling speakers? If so, how?

Thanks for any knowledge you can share.

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1 reply

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So, I will not even pretend to have experience doing this, but googling line-level audio over cat 6 give numerous products that support this. Some of them may be cheap enough to experiment with:

There will be, of course, a 70ms delay when you use the analog audio inputs on any Sonos device. Only you can tell if it will bother you. Most on this board will go nuts if you suggest it, but it's up to what you will tolerate, and trying it is better than not I always say. When in a temporary living arrangement I used a $30 DAC to take the optical from my TV into a Connect which then drove some powered Kanto speakers in my bedroom, and I was able to watch TV without being too aggravated by the delay. YMMV.