• 2 April 2016
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Is there ever any chance that Sonos will work with the amazing Roon?

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5 replies

Sure, Roon cold easily control Sonos using UPNP or one of several libs available on Github. They've whined on their forum about how "difficult" it will be. Nonsense. I think Sonos simply isn't considered "high end" enough for their typical customers, who need that "exclusivity" to feel superior to the rest of us.
I don't think it is a matter of controlling Sonos but rather using Sonos as a Roon endpoint.
Disregarding the "hi res" audio situation for the moment, I don't see why Roon would deliberately cut themselves off from a lucrative pool of potential customers. It's probably the "Sonos as Endpoint" problem. Might it be possible to route a Roon Endpoint into the Line In of Sonos? Set the Sonos playing then pick up the Roon Controller.
@dn4343 yes you could take any of the roon endpoints with analog out (or use a dac) and use it with a line in. Sonos auto line in makes this easy and user friendly.
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According to recent posts in Roon forums (supported by indications from Roon) this is extremely likely in Roon 1.3, coming out soon.