Living / dining room setup - looking for recommendations

Hi all -
Recently moved into a new apartment and have a large room that's both living room and dining room, and looking to setup a full Sonos system. It's about 350 sq ft total (~25 ft x 14 ft). Would really appreciate recommendations. Here's what I'm looking for overall:
- great sound for the TV (have a 60" TV currently on a stand - it's plasma so fairly heavy. Not looking to mount currently unless I must). Currently use an Xbox One as main set top device for streaming media (I don't use cable).
- sound for both living area dining area for music - I'd stream Spotify to this from devices and also have a U-turn Basic turntable w/ preamp built in

In terms of networking equipment, I currently have the Netgear CM1000 modem and Orbi RBK50 router (keeping primary in this area, satellite is in other part of the apartment).

Willing to spend what I need to have a nice setup. Tentatively was thinking that could have a play 5 for the turntable, and set that up in the dining area (behind the table in the back wall), and then for the living area have a playbar, subwoofer, and 2 sonos ones for surround sound. I know the play 5 may be overkill, but my understanding is that I'd need this (or connect amp) for the turntable.

Floor plan below, would welcome suggestions / advice!

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Hi there, andy1585! Are you still looking for advice on setups? If so, let me know where your main router is located and we can start looking at how to integrate Sonos. Thanks for the super helpful photo.
Be sure to research so as to not stumble on AV formats and incompatibility of some with Sonos, where the play bar or base is concerned.
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Playbase would be good but as lunar mentioned only does DD so can run in to issues with blue ray players that don’t convert all to DD.

Otherwise a nice av receiver with nice speakers hooked to a Sonos Connect.

Then maybe a pair of play:1s on the far wall dining room.
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Beware that a Sonos connect can create audio video delays when watching tv.
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He would be running tv through the receiver and speakers attached to it in my example...not connect.
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Chris wrote:

He would be running tv through the receiver and speakers attached to it in my example...not connect.

Yes but of you want to play tv in the 2 far play1 as well , they will be delayed I guess.
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It would create a slight stadium surround effect if played with tv in conjunction with the surround receiver


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