Creating a stereo pair with a Sonos One (gen 1) and the new One SL

  • 5 November 2019
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I am aware that the new SL can be paired with a Sonos One but I have an older generation 1. Can the One gen 1 make a stereo pair with an SL?


Best answer by Ryan S 6 November 2019, 17:18

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6 replies

No, a PLAY:1 can only be stereo paired with another PLAY:1.

Ah, are you asking if a Sonos One can be paired with a Sonos SL?

If so, read the introduction  post here:

I thought I was pretty clear in the title. I want to know if a Sonos One (gen 1) can be stereo paired with a Sonos One SL. I don’t own a Play 1. I’ve read online that the One can paired with an SL but nowhere does it state what generation of One. Before I go ahead and buy an SL I want to be certain it will pair with what I already have which again is a Sonos One (generation 1).

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Thanks for clarifying, there’s sometimes confusion around the naming of the products. All Sonos Ones (gen1, gen2, or SL) are all considered to be the same family of speaker. They can be stereo paired or used together for surrounds with a Sonos home theater device in any combination (of two).

The Play:1 is the older model and too different component wise to be bonded with a Sonos One (gen1, gen2, or SL) in any configuration. You may find this thread helpful while you’re researching.

Thanks Ryan S for answering my question about the Sonos One and the SL.


I have no idea why everyone keeps going on about the Play 1 however. In my original post I never mentioned it. In my second post I stated that I don’t own a Play 1 and yet people keep insisting on going on about it. I don’t care about Play 1’s, not interested, leave it.

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I’m glad to help. It’s probably because people see a lot of “Sonos Play One” or “Play One gen1” and need to clarify what exactly is being asked about. Best to be specific when speaking over text for all to see, so they’re just making sure everyone’s got the right information :)