Introducing Move in Lunar White

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Introducing Move in Lunar White

Last September, we introduced Sonos Move, the durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. Today, we introduce a new color for Move: Lunar White. 


The hue represents months of research, formulating, and testing. It also exemplifies a key tenant of the Sonos experience—that all our products work together as part of a system not only technically but also aesthetically.




If you’re new to Move, read all about it here and check out our blog post on the Making of Move. 


Pre-order today on for $399 US (€399 EUR), available in the Americas and China on June 30th, with worldwide availability starting July 7th.

Looking to buy a “Move” now, missed the special intro pricing for existing owners.

Sadly Sonos site is dearer than local electronics retailer, Harvey Norman, or even JB Hi-Fi.

I would have expected some additional discount for existing owners in recognition of prior support and expenditure.

We have around 12 units installed around the house.

Seems to me like you might be able to use their trade up program?

Not sure how it works, do I ‘sell’ a Play 5 back and get a discount, with the Play 5 being the discount ?

So basically I send back a perfectly Play 5 for $0 dollars and get a 15% discount off the ‘Move” ?

Resellers are offering 15% discount as a walk in purchase, with no surrender of a Play 5 ?

Hopefully someone can explain in detail how this trade up actually works, lack of info unless I commit ??

Thanks to staff for a response and detailed explanation. Very good outcome. Thanks again, excellent service, as usual.