Roam is UTTER s***e


Big Sonos fanboy me, got loads of them all over the house.  Bought a Roam for outside and in the bathroom.  Utter UTTER S***E in every single way you can think of.  S***e on/off/Bluetooth button and s***e indicator lights and s***e sound and S***E connecting issues.  Utter UTTER S***E!  Had it well over a year and hate the f*****g thing with a passion.  Did I mention it’s utter s***e because that’s what it is.


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I’ve had the Roam for almost two years and haven’t had any issues with it. My wife uses it almost every day in the kitchen and loves it.

I have had the same issues with it. Support now can’t even get it working after a factory reset. I have requested a refund but it is out of warranty period. It has never worked consistently at 2 houses or connecting to my phone or my wife’s phone. At least I know it is the Roam itself but shouldn’t have returned it within the warranty period. By the way this is not a gripe about Sonos as my Sonos Play speakers are wondeful and I have no issues during over 5 years of use!



I use it personally