Feature request: power off roam complete over time

  • 19 August 2023
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I know the Roam has Battery Saver and Wifi Power Saver, but it should have the ability to choose to complete power it off after lets say 30min.

If i power it off and keep it in the charger stand, it will indicate on Sonos app that it is off and not response, while it still charges to full and stay off.

I dont need it to be “online” all the time like the rest of my Sonos One system, and it should have a feature like that, to also save the battery in the long run, and not force me to have to remember to turn it completely off.


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1 reply

If it’s on the Qi charger it is meant to stay powered on, ready to use and will condition (charge/discharge) its own battery. If you remove it from its charger, then the battery power saving features kick in. With battery saver enabled the device will power off ‘fully’ after 30 minutes of inactivity. Note the Sonos App will send WOL packets on opening, so if it’s in sleep mode the device will awake and move to standby. This is notable moreso, particularly if you leave the battery saver disabled.

See this link too…