• 14 August 2021
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Hi, my Roam speaker stopped working.  Became completely dead.  There was only a small LED at the bottom that shone red.  Anyone else had similar problems?


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6 replies

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I suspect the battery is low.  Is the light flashing? Please see: Sonos LED lights | Sonos

The speaker is dead.  It cannot be charged.  There is nothing wrong with the charger.

The speaker is dead.  It cannot be charged.  There is nothing wrong with the charger.

What charger is it and what is the power output (not input) in terms of volts x amps? (The info should be printed on the charger).

Sonos Roam wireless charger.

Sonos Roam wireless charger.

Rather than using the charger Qi pad (just temporarily) maybe try using the USB-C cable that came with your Roam and the Qi power-block instead and try these steps:

  1. Off the charger - Press/Hold rear power button on Roam for 30 seconds.
  2. Charge with the USB-C charger-block/cable for one hour.
  3. Off the charger - repeat step-1 above and see if the Roam’s front top status LED lights up.
  4. If speaker is working after the above steps, then return to USB-C charger and charge until the battery level reaches 100% and check the Sonos App for any updates.

You can then carry on after this and charge as normal using either the cable, or Qi pad.

Hope that fixes the issue for you. If not, then the next best step is to contact Sonos customer care via this LINK.

There are so many different topics on the Roam and it’s battery life and charging issues and just completely dying (which mine has done).

I think it is hilarious that one of the first suggestions is to NOT USE the wireless charger that is specifically made for it!  That people pay extra money for!!!

If that is not a prime example of a defective design then I don’t know what is.