Using a Turntable with Sonos

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Airgetlam wrote:

Perhaps if you were to read the article that you quoted in full.

Being that, the article is at least a year old, doesn’t answer the question and, technology tends know...progress, it’s a valid question.

But, thanks for the useful response.
Given that technology does advance, the simple fact is that the data in that article is still valid. And based on the data in that article, you'll find that without additional hardware, there is no way for your system to connect to a turntable.
dragon123 wrote:

Open the Sonos app on your phone or tablet. Go to the Browse Menu and select Line-In. Choose the source of your music. Then press Play Now and the record playing on your turntable will start up.

That won’t assist mikegoldnj above though, as he doesn’t have a line-in to connect to, as Bruce was suggesting, he will still need some further hardware, like a Connect, or a Play:5 for example.

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