volume adjustment slow

Just Got A playbar to my 2017 lg oled and using my magic Remote the volume adjustment feels kind A slow..
Can i speed the adjustment up somehow?

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Latest firmware to the Lg OLEDS made my tv (B6V) and soundbar less responsive also..
This is one of those "I thought it was just me" topics. I've been a loyal Sonos fan since the first speaker came out, and adding the Playbase was the hoped-for pinnacle of my system. But the volume controls—using the LG OLED 65C7 magic remote—completely dampens the enjoyment, making for more annoyance than pleasure. I timed it: an average of 7 seconds to reduce the sound from loud actions scenes to a level sufficient to hear conversation.

Of course, using the Sonos app on iOS works perfectly, so I expect this is an LG issue (and I'm leaving a comparable comment there). But no one wants yet another remote.

Nonetheless, this should serve as a caution for those thinking of using both together, an awful pairing of two otherwise fantastic devices. I expect this also applies to the Playbar/LG combo, for what it's worth.
Same issue here, with Tivo Premier remote .... have to click volume button 4-8 times to change volume.
Does anybody know if getting how Sonos works with Logitech Harmony Elite remotes?
I've got two logitechs (both puck based, but the remotes are different), and it works perfectly.


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