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  • 21 October 2017
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39 replies

Same issue here. Harmony ultimate with hub, Samsung tv. Hopefully the firmware fix comes soon. Harmony website acknowledges the issue and states its been since April 10 although this thread seems it happened much sooner. Do harmony firmware updates push and self install or do we need to watchfor the next release?
If I recall correctly, and I've not paid particular attention to it, you have to update the harmony specifically. Usually, it happens when you do a "sync" between the remote and puck. I believe at that point it checks the firmware version, and downloads and installs a new one. That being said, I've seen it require a connection to my PC via USB at times, too. So I'm really unclear as to how Harmony handles it....but I'm pretty sure that you have to initiate it, it doesn't normally happen in the background (like Amazon's Alexa devices do).
Same problem. Just bought my playbar and thought this was how Sonos was, but glad to see that I’m not alone. Wife is not going to be happy with my new $700 purchase. Please fix soon!
Same problem. Just bought my playbar and thought this was how Sonos was, but glad to see that I’m not alone. Wife is not going to be happy with my new $700 purchase. Please fix soon!

It’s a Harmony Remote firmware issue.
Same issue here, always worked fine until latest harmony firmware update.
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Yep, happening to me. Harmony Remote and Playbar. Very annoying. Changing the volume is a LONG process - when it works.
Me too...dug out the old xfinity remote to control $4k in brand new equip. Wife is less than impressed...and I’m just plain disappointed. Please fix Sonos & Logitech!
It's not a Sonos issue, only a Logitech one, and they've said that they're making progress.
And, they appear to be closed beta testing:

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to sign up for that download, but it does give me hope.
I believe the OP hd the issue using the LG magic remote with the Playbar, so not just a Harmony problem. I have the same issue as the OP. LG OLED 55" B7A with magic remote. After some difficulty getting the remote to work with the player at all, it now works but the volume change is incredibly slow. Unfortunately, the LG has an app to pair with Playbars and other devices, but it does not include SONOS as a listed manufacturer. The guidance has been to select Philips, which I did, Again, this setup allowed the remote to control the player, but it takes a very long time to increase or decrease volume. So frustrating.
I agree with the comments that state they don't think this is exclusively a Harmony problem. I use both a Harmony remote and my Cox Contour remote and both encounter a lag between the time I turn on my TV with my Sonos Playbar and the volume controls on both remotes, including the mute control. It takes maybe 30 seconds for the volume controls to work, but after that time, they seem to work just fine.
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I have the same issue with the LG OLED55b7 and the Sonon Beam very slow to change Volume with the controller that comes with the LG TV.
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I am having the same issue. I previously had a setup that included a 2014 60" LG plasma TV (because I wanted to own one of the last plasmas ever made), Logitech Harmony remote, and Sonos Playbase. I was having quite a few problems with that setup for other reasons. So, I just upgraded my TV to a 77" LG OLED C8. I've taken the Logitech Harmony remote out of the equation entirely (at least for now), so I'm only using the LG Magic Remote to control the Sonos Playbase volume. I did the setup per the Sonos forum, selecting Philips as the manufacturer. The volume change with each button press is way too small. You have to press + or - 25 times just to get the volume to change by 25%, so the volume only adjusts 1% with each press.
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I do like google assistant as you an set the volume to a lvl you hay google volume 10%, 15% and so on.

I cant get Alexa to work like that only volume up and down and the jump on volume lvl is to much at time (night)

so so I know have google in the beam and Alexa on the one.

But remove move I would say is slow to change volume on the tv I would say it takes 2s as long as just using the tv.