Scheduling Night mode sound for TV

  • 29 October 2016
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Is it possible to schedule the night mode sound setting. I would be nice to switch at 09:00PM till 09:00AM to night mode, and the other time in normal mode.

16 replies

It's an interesting notion but, no, there's no means for the user to schedule Night Mode.
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+1 Easy to forget disable night mode next day
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Could perhaps be implemented as a timer if schedule is complicated to code. I suggest long pressing on the moon button should pop up a menu for timer. A schedule options I would prefer in the room settings. @Ryan N
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+100 - I constantly forget to disable Night Mode. It's just subtle enough during the day to not be obvious so any kind of reminder/timer/schedule aspect would be immensely helpful.
This needs to happen!
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Old thread, but i would like this also. Maybe an option to have Night mode™️ disable itself the next morning automatically
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Agree. I have requested this too.
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2nd that! Or just let it reset if audiostream from tv cuts out.
This would be a great enhancement to add schedule night sounds. Also allow for Google home and Alexa switching this settings. This way you could easily talk about on and off when watching movies during the scheduled time frame. This would be a great enhancement for families with kids.
+10000 This need to happen Sonos! I just purchased my first playbar and sub and have to say, Damn!! Im impressed. However turning on the tv at 10pm seems to get me in trouble.... Please please allow to achedule night mode
I am also interested in a night mode sechedule. I have a beam, sub and 2 play ones. A night mode time that turns down the sub and enters night mode would be very handy. Please create.
I sent this up as a feature request too, but the more we ask for it and thumbs up suggestions asking for it, hopefully that will get it to the right set of eyes ?
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I've only had my system for a few weeks and was surprised a feature like this for a system like this was absent.
Glad to see I'm not the only one in need.
Have you looked into doing this with IFTTT? It should be possible to work with a timer that If time = 7pm then Set Sonos to night mode?

Make it happen! 

Agree with this thread.  I always forget to turn it off and it sounds so much better with it off!