Please Add HDMI ARC and DTS support to playbar

  • 18 November 2014
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I would absolutely love to purchase a set up for my home theater based around the SONOS Playbar.  I have one SONOS play 3 now and love it.  However, the lack of support for a feature/technology that seems to be present on not only my current TV, but many of newer TVs I have looked at recently absolutely baffles me.  For me, this support is a show stopper.  I am looking to purchase my new home theater equipment by the end of 2015.  Ideally any new functionality would also include support for 7.1 surround sound using additional Play 1 or Play 3's.  Hopefully this support can be added by then, or I'll be looking to implement another solution for my home theater, and later whole home audio set up. 

I really hope SONOS is paying attention, I have seen numerous posts on here from other customers and dealers with very scant and shallow replies from SONOS.  It really makes me hesitant to purchase SONOS products when I get the feeling that the company seems content to not be responsive to customer requests and feedback.  Please prove me wrong on this - I desperately hope that you will SONOS!

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5 replies

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+1 for HDMI ARC and DTS!
My Samsung TV does output DTS via its optical out. Not via HDMI but via the apps I use.

I am getting pretty annoyed having to go Menu->Sound->Additional Settings->SPDIF Output->Audio Format->PCM every time i play a different piece of content that supports DTS.

It's a joke this is marketed as a solution for surround sound when it doesn't support DTS.

I only have a Samsung tv (UE40ES6710) and Playbar .

I should have bought the Samsung Sound Bar!
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I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered your playbar that could have wireless surround and sub, it was (almost exactly) what I had in mind. Then I read into it before committing to using the sonos system... After all we would keep extending it over time as our other systems got old or broken. I am now waiting for you to include more input sources and dts support. Without these (regardless of the legal case sonos have mounted) I'll have to opt for that new direct copy/competitor when they offer the bar and sub. It's very disappointing to see a company sit back after coming up with a great idea... an extra £150 on the playbar would be nothing in comparison to future-proofing my purchase. You could have added this into the system and still retained the same margins. My suggestion would be to save the legal fees, and just include more source options (hdmi x2 is enough) and pay the dts licence. Ultimately it's a bit of fireware, a microchip or two and some tooling updates. Then hey presto you've got an excuse to promote and market your new and improved product and the 'competitors' offering includes some really bad design floors of its own so they're not likely to be successful in winning my business there if your offering is fit for purpose... Which it currently isn't!
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this is a disaster decision for Sonos -i hope you guys fix it!

people don't buy Sonos for low-end support like this

further purchases on hold til fixed
further purchases on hold til fixed

Made the same decision, and been applying since! not a $, €, £ to Sonos until they start listening.