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Google Assistant Voice Match Available on Sonos

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At least for the Sonos Beam this is working for me. I can add the device to both voice matches.

Maybe it is a limitation with the Roam.


My GF can ask her personal calender aswell as Spotify and I can control mine.


Took me the longer part of the day to make it work but I cannot remember what exactly I did different.


@digaus  thanks for your replies…

I have now managed to get two Google Assistants working on three Sonos devices in our "Home".  It took me hours of removing/resetting things and starting over before it eventually worked. Annoyingly, I don't know how, or what I did differently to get it working - it was not a smooth process! 

So Google Assistant can now 'Voice Match' and it gives us personalised results on multiple Sonos devices. But no thanks to the lack of instructions from Sonos. 

However, we still have a problem with controlling devices in our Google Home. For example: when sat in our living room, if I ask 'Assistant' to "turn on the lights", it will turn on the lights in just the living room. But if my wife gives the same command 'Assistant' turns on all the lights in the entire household. She has to give the specific command, "turn on the living room lights". 

But this is probably a Google Assistant/Home issue rather than a Sonos one.