SONOS and Windows 10?

  • 9 November 2018
  • 6 replies

I've been running my SONOS from a Windows 10 PC and all was well until they updated the controller which no longer does many things including pairing speakers etc. My Samsung tablet was working well but even the latest app no longer works with SONOS. As I'm not likely to spend loads of money buying a newer model tablet just to run SONOS I thought I'd get an app for my Windows phone. Apparently one is not available. What now?!

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6 replies

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I've seen black Friday ads that price Amazon Fire tablets for as low as $30. Probably not the solution you want to hear, but other than borrowing a more current phone/tablet from a friend, there are not any cheaper options.
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The recommendation I've seen a few times on the forum is to get a fairly inexpensive (£50) Amazon Fire 7 tablet.
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Hi Barry J Adamson

I understand your frustration and there's not much I can say that will ease the pain. Sonos as a wireless speaker is akin to a computer wherein a OS at some point reaches EOL cycle (i.e. Windows 7 to 8 to 10). The same thing applies to Android and iOS operating systems.

When those changes occurs manufacturers who design equipment to run using those OS's may be able to transition through 3-4 iterations. Eventually the changes made to an OS will require equipment manufacturers to make a decision as to whether it makes good business sense to continue supporting a legacy OS with their app.

Writing code to support legacy systems and the most current will eventually result in a "ballon" effect wherein the app is too large and takes up value memory and storage on the device. When that happens the end-user complains about the size of the app which usually consumes additional resources. So it becomes a "Catch 22" meaning no matter what is done a certain percentage of customers are going to be forced to make a decision to either stop using a product or buy equipment that will run the new and improved app. Sound familiar:?

I don't know your budget and/or your financial situation but obviously you enjoy a good piece of kit such as Sonos. There are Android tablets as low as $99 running Android 5.0. Click the link:

That's all I can offer as a possible remedy. I hope you get your situation sorted to your satisfaction.

Wouldn't it be nice if Sonos could offer a bridge or connect device at a discount to long time users. At least I could keep an "audio out" from my "old" phone to control my streaming options..
Does Sonos even warn users of "planned obsolescence", or do we just keep buying new phones forever to be "supported"??
See also this post and comments for more info on the issue:
It is so dumb that you cannot install a speaker from the PC.
A PC! They develop the system on a PC... or do they program it from their tablets?
Some people do not have tablets and do not damn care about having the last phone or tablet because they do not use it beside of calling. Do not care about ... well I do not want to be mean so lets close it here.
Lot of people still just use only the PC.